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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

I Got to Play Dress Up at Kaight in Brooklyn


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Kate McGregor, the owner of Kaight Shop in Brooklyn, is a fixture on the New York City sustainable fashion scene. It’s probably because her shop is one of the very few carrying exclusively sustainable, organic, locally made fashion. Any girl can find something she likes there, from the career woman, to the brunch-er, to the festival flower child and the downtown scenester.

So when Katie asked me if I wanted to come by and have the run of the store and put together some outfits, how could I say no?


Kaight used to be located on the Lower East Side, but she has since moved it to Atlantic Avenue, along a trendy stretch with wedding dress shops, bakeries and furniture stores. Even if you don’t live in Brooklyn, you can still shop online for almost everything you see here.


I love the cobalt blue of this dress. I added the twist belt—which comes in black, mahogany or camel—for a structured look. With a refined black backpack slung over my shoulder and black sandals, it’s the perfect look for a Sunday date or a brunch with your friends.

Box Dress by H Fredriksson, $325; Twist-Knot Belt by Muse, $78; Sappho Sandal, Wolverine x Samantha Pleet, $99, Backpack by Cuvalist, $225.

See the rest of my outfits at Kaight’s Tumblr.

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