Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

I Found THE Most Eco-Friendly and Pretty Gift Wrap Idea

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I do not like scotch tape.

When you have slippery typical wrapping paper, scotch tape is a necessary evil. Emphasis on evil. It’s not recyclable, and what’s more, when you pull it off the paper, it takes the design with it, leaving you with a giant hole in the middle of otherwise perfectly reusable paper.

There are alternatives, of course. I went through a bunch last year, but those ideas generally take creativity, time, and a little bit of skill. Fine for crafty folks who enjoy Pinterest, but what if you just want to get your shit wrapped and move on? (I’m looking at you, Helpless Dude Whose Mom Never Taught Him to Wrap.)

Eco-friendly wrapping idea

I found the absolute perfect solution. Nuno Gift Wraps are colorful wrap cloths inspired by the Japanese art of furoshiki made from 100% recycled polyester from water bottles. They are laughably easy to use – though they come with illustrated instructions – with a silky texture and patterns ranging from cute and fun to classy and modern.

Two gifts arrived this week and I happened to received two Nuno Gift Wraps to try. They come with instructions, small matching tags for labeling wrapped like origami in tissue paper, and a little card that you can slip inside so your recipient knows that the wrap is reusable and where to find wrapping instructions. Oh, and it also arrived in an eco-friendly padded envelope. I actually wish I had done an unboxing video for it, because I honestly had fun pulling all the little things and laying them out.

furoshiki gift wrap

All you do to wrap your gift is lay the box or item down in the middle crossways so that the wrap is diamond shaped instead of square when you look at it. Then you take the bottom corner and fold it up over. Then the top corner down. Then pull the two side corners in and tie them. And you’re done.

Nuno cloth gift wrap

It took me 10 minutes, and that included carefully laying everything out and stopping to take pictures every 10 seconds. I could have probably wrapped the presents in under a minute.

Japanese cloth gift wrapping

The only sad thing is that I’m giving them away, sending them out into the world like a proud mama and hoping they are loved. I’m not above watching to see what my family does with them and swooping in to stuff them back in my bag for next time, but I think I’m just going to have to order several sets with all the sizes: 16, 23″ and 32″ and use them to wrap the rest of my presents this year and the next.

So goodbye scotch tape. I’m thrilled to cut off that toxic relationship, thanks to Nuno Gift Wraps.

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