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I Found Another Non-Toxic Deodorant That Works


Back in November I posted a review of the five most popular natural deodorants. Well, I have another to add to the list: Schmidt’s.

I first saw Schmidt’s when I was poking around (now defunct) Abe’s Market, but I really perked up when Kate from Kaight Shop said she used it and it was her favorite so far. So I contacted them to get a sample and try it for myself.*

Schmidt’s has several scents available, including Cedarwood+Juniper, Lavender+Sage, Ylang-Ylang+Calendula, Bergamot+Lime, and Fragrance-Free, all except the last made with essential oils. They all smell lovely and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend one over the other – maybe save Bergamot+Lime for summer and Cedarwood+Juniper for winter, just for fun?

It comes packaged in a glass jar with a plastic lid. The jar comes with a spatula, which helps you scoop out the product, since it is very solid inside the jar. You scoop it onto your fingers, warm it up a bit by rubbing it between your fingers, and apply it to your underarms. In this sense it’s a little more work than a typical roll on deodorant or a spray deodorant. But it’s not a big deal.

I tried it out during spring as the days got warmer, and it worked great. It kept me dry and fresh-smelling for 24 hours. I would say it works as well as Meow Meow Tweet, and almost as well as Blissoma, at least for me.

But remember, everyone’s pits are different! I’ve found in discussions with other people that deodorants that work for them don’t work for me, and vice versa.

I would say Schmidt’s is a definite contender to try, to see how it works with your own body chemistry.

*They were nice enough to send me several free samples to try.

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