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How to Naturally Treat and Prevent Colds and the Flu

This post originally appeared on EcoHabitude’s blog, a marketplace for eco-friendly fashion and products. 

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If you live in a big city like us, you can find yourself dodging germs left and right. As the seasons change, our bodies need time to adjust to the weather which often results in weakened immunities. Have no fear, for we have some powerful natural regimens and tips bound to keep your health in tip top shape throughout the season.

The simplest ways to keep your immunities in check are as follows:

1. Drink lots of Water

Drinking 8- 8oz glasses of water per day allows your body to work as it should. Drinking plenty of water supports digestion and flushes unwanted toxins out of our bodies. It’s also great for the skin and helps to prevent signs of aging! (You can replace a couple of those glasses for hot tea after your meals or as a cozy treat to soothe an itchy throat.)

2. Eat Locally-Sourced Foods That Are in-Season

A fact that most of us tend to forget is that foods that grow regionally and seasonally are designed to keep us healthy and build our immunities to endure that environment’s seasonal transitions. Eating an ayurvedic diet that includes in-season foods and spices can maintain your health and vibrance. Eating foods like lemons, apples, butternut squash, sweet potato, beets, almonds (and others high in vitamin C) are great way to keep sickness at bay during the Fall to Winter season.

3. Think Positively and Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep

“The mind is a powerful thing” and “stress kills.” These statements are quoted often because they are true! When you think positively and change your perspective towards happiness, your mind and body benefit. Getting enough sleep greatly effects our brain activity and sharpness. Make sure to get a good 7 to 9 hours for improved memory, a spur in creativity, less stress and better overall health.

In addition to these tips, read on for natural remedies for common ailments and annoyances:


cloud of protection

BY NIEVES Cloud of Protection

When there’s sickness in the air it’s nice to have a defense at your fingertips. Essential oils work very effectively on airborne pathogens. The essential oil molecules are very small. They stay suspended in the air a long time, providing you with a shield from airborne bacteria and viruses.

baby safe hand sanitizer

Dear Baby Products Hand Sanitizer

Dear Baby Baby-Safe Hand Sanitizer is the chemical-free, natural way kill germs on you and your child’s skin.

legendary thieves oil blend cold flu prevention

Painted Earth Skincare and Cosmetics Legendary Blend of Thieves Oil

Thief Oil has been scientifically proven to kill deadly germs. Research from Weber State University in Utah has shown that it has a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria. 100% Pure Essential Oil


feel better chest and muscle rub

Summer Sequoia Tallow  Feel Better Balm

This synergistic blend of oils helps to provide relief from occasional discomfort from chest congestion, head and muscle tension, inflammation and joint pain. Once applied to the chest and whole body you’ll instantly feel the effectiveness, allowing you to breathe deeply and feel better.

eucalyptus bath salts cold flu

Hello Soap Eucalyptus Epsom Salt Soak

Run a hot bath with eucalyptus epsom salts. Soothes tired, aching muscles; Mineral-rich Mediterranean sea salt rejuvenates your skin; Eucalyptus essential oil uplifts, calms and helps you breathe.

cold flu prevention massage oil


Essence of Vali Decongest Massage Oil 

A decongesting and restorative blend when symptoms of colds and flu get the better of you. Use the decongest massage and bath oil when you feel a cold coming on.

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