This post is by Brittany Barton, founder of the blog and video series Sparkle Kitchen, where she documents her journey to health, happiness, and sparkle!

Fermented foods are a fantastic way to get more probiotics into your diet. You can also drink your probiotics in the form of kombucha. This fizzy, fermented beverage aids digestion with acids and enzymes, detoxifies the body and promotes overall health.

A Kombucha habit is a pricey one though, around $4 per bottle. Thankfully, it’s rather easy to make your own.

First you need a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). It’s a jellyfish-blob-like thing that’s actually living bacteria and yeast. You absolutely cannot make kombucha without it.

There are three options:
1. Buy one from here, here or here. They range from $10-30. 

2. Ask a friend to gift one to you. SCOBYs grow rapidly and in layers so if a friend makes kombucha regularly they will have extras to spare.

3. Grow your own. You can do this with a bottle of unflavored, unpasteurized store-bought kombucha. Watch my tutorial on how to do this below.

Once you have your SCOBY, you are ready to brew your first batch of kombucha.

½ gallon glass jar
8 cups water
starter kombucha
4 teabags or 1½ tbsp black, green or white tea (or a combination)
½ cup organic sugar
coffee filter or tightly woven piece of cloth
rubber band
warm, dark place with good air circulation

Wash glass jar well with warm soapy water, not antibacterial. You don’t want it sterile, just clean. I recommend using Dr. Bronners soap. Make sure it is completely dry.

Make sure hands are very clean too. Bad bacteria on your hands can transfer to the SCOBY and cause an infection.

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