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The Best Way to Find Healthy Food and the Best Shopping in Buenos Aires Is to Stay at This Boutique Hotel

I’m not a concierge type of gal, to be honest. I’m usually a build-your-own adventure traveler, especially since I like to do exclusively authentic and sustainable activities and restaurants. I mean, isn’t that what the internet is for? 

But the boutique Home Hotel in Buenos Aires made me a believer. Actually, Buenos Aires itself made me a believer.

You see, Buenos Aires is a hard city to crack, even for experienced travelers who just love to research, like myself. The first reason is that, because of the onerous labor and tax policies, the best shopping isn’t in stores on the street. No, no. The best shopping is hidden away inside private studios. You could do what I did, and do some internet research that turns out to be outdated and and then hit the pavement on long journeys that lead to dead ends. You could follow this short list I put together of artisan and sustainable shopping. Or, you could hire a personal shopper.

PS. Here’s what to pack for your trip to Buenos Aires! 

The second reason is that food in Buenos Aires is rarely healthy. You like wine and steak (and smoking)? Great, you’ll love Buenos Aires. But if you’re like me and prefer your meals have a little bit of greenery in them and get physically ill if you eat more than a few teaspoons of sugar a day, or worse, you have allergies, Buenos Aires doesn’t have much to offer you.  Just combos of bread, meat, cheese. Or so it seems at first…

Sustainable boutique hotel Buenos Aires

The Most Luxurious and First Green Hotel in Buenos Aires

I decided I wanted to stay at Home Hotel* partly because of its prime location in Palermo, the best neighborhood in Buenos Aires. But mainly I chose Home Hotel because it’s the first boutique hotel in Buenos Aires to incorporate green practices. They provide large reusable pump dispensers for toiletries to reduce unnecessary plastic use, heat the pool with solar power, work with a community recycling organization to recycle all glass, plastic and cardboard; donate towels, sheets and slippers to charity organizations working with children and the elderly; send kitchen oils for biofuels; and they are members of the Responsible Tourism Network. Also, it’s just a cute looking hotel!

A couple weeks before we were due to check in, an email arrived to my inbox that was replete with information on, “restaurant advice and reservations, city tours, visits to ranches, polo clinics, football games, spa appointments and others. All you have to do is ask our Concierge.” It went on to describe the various tango shows to choose from, highlight an International Book Fair that was happening that month, note remarkable architecture to see, recommend certain city tours and days trips, offer to set up a visit a polo horse farm, and even dangle the prospect of a personal shopper.

So what did I do with all this information? I ignored it.

Nobody tells me what to do! I’m an independent, smart, unique woman, an ethical fashion expert with 30,000 Instagram followers and a lot of international friends who always come through on amazing recommendations, and I need NO help with my travel research.

Well, that didn’t work out as planned.

We spent our first week in Buenos Aires staying at an AirBnB apartment that looked a lot more beautiful in the pictures than it actually smelled in person. We struggled to find healthy food among the empanadas, steak, pizza, pasta, and sugary food. My stomach suffered, but I couldn’t even find sugar-free yogurt in the grocery store! I was getting fed up and frustrated. Best boutique hotel Buenos Aires eco-friendly

How Home Hotel Saved My Stomach, and My Trip

Then we checked into Home Hotel, and everything got better. They gave us a pretty little booklet (see above!) filled with places to eat and shop, helpfully listed with their preferences and allergens, such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. We used that to find several amazing and healthy restaurants in the neighborhood.

If that wasn’t enough, breakfast includes unsweetened yogurt, chia, fruit, and a selection of chocolate and sweet pastries. And they will make a mate, the national Argentinian tea drink, for you. The restaurant serves food all day – we especially liked the smoked salmon sandwich served on a unexpected cornbread bun. My health and energy returned in full force. And I stopped being so stressed about research. 

The design of the hotel is great, too. There are two rooms hidden behind the lush plants that surround the pool, one room with its own additional private pool. Our room upstairs was cozy and modern, with a comfortable bed, a bathroom with a shower/bathtub that came with a bottle of bubblebath! One day it poured all day,  and we were happy to spend the day inside working at the desk and little table, though the salon downstairs is a comfortable spot to hang out as well. Another charming thing: Mulatta the cat roams around at mealtimes, making friends with guests. One morning she sat in Illich’s lap at breakfast – by invitation, of course.

Eco-friendly hotel in Buenos Aires Argentina Home Hotel

I wish I could tell you that after that, I wised up and told the concierge what I needed. But stubborn to the end, I still tried to build my own adventure in terms of shopping. And while I made it into a couple good studios and stores, I also found myself ringing doorbells that went unanswered and wasting a lot of time walking around on outdated information. I should have just booked the personal shopper!

So, if you’re going to Buenos Aires and, like me, you like eating healthy and shopping for quality things, then I suggest you book a room at Home Hotel and, unlike me, actually take full advantage of their concierge services. They clearly know what they are talking about. It would save you a lot of time and frustration and make your vacation a true vacation and cultural experience!

*Home Hotel comped my stay so I could properly review it. As always, I only work with businesses who – after extensive research – align with my values. And I always write honestly about my experience. 

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