Since I’m moving into a new apartment this summer, I’m on high alert for gorgeous, unique, not-Ikea furniture. I love the idea of buying something from an artisan, but where to start? Google doesn’t seem like an efficient route to finding just the thing.

Enter WorkOf, a new website that aims to encourage conscious consumerism in the furniture field, by aggregating New York City makers and putting them all in an easy-to-browse format. I mean, you can still take the Ikea ferry, but this time it will be to visit the Red Hook studio where your coffee table is being made.

To get a sense of the goodies on there, here are my favorite things (just a fraction of what you’ll find on there):

Kawa Gold Bowls // Made in New York City Allied Maker Lamp // Made in New York City
Gorgeous bike hanging system // made in New York City Plant Bondage live sculpture // Made in New York City
Lamp comes in pink, black, white and yellow, with white, black, silver, bronze and gold metal body // made in NYC Katy Skelton Desk // made in New York City
Zig zag stool // made in New York City Gorgeous wallpaper // made in NYC