Oldie but goodie, which I wanted to highlight in honor of the Jazz Age Picnic this weekend. 

Think of it as a sophisticated Halloween party–the Jazz Age Picnic at Governor’s Island is the perfect excuse to put on a pretty summer dress, a long strand of pearls, and make your man wear a bow tie and suspenders. (Meow!)

Wondering what to wear, and how to do it well? Here are my tips:

1. Bring a parasol.

The sun is beating down, and now you finally are at a place where parasols are not only acceptable, they’re expected. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

2. Invest in some dance classes.

The a full brass band, and you’ll want to take full advantage. Instructors are on hand to teach you the Charleston, but if you really want to impress, why not take a dance class or two with your beau beforehand, so you can tear up the floor? Hi, perfect date.

3. Or just wing it.

Because these girls did and they’re having a good time, obviously.

4. Don’t wander too far from the dance floor.

You won’t want to miss the beautiful, live singing.

5. Red lipstick.

‘Nough said.

6. Accessories make the outfit.

Fascinators, hats, pearls, hair pins, fans: they’re the cherry on top of your ladylike ensemble.

7. Guys look hot in suspenders, hats, and bow ties.

Why can’t they dress like this every day??


8. Don’t be afraid to show off your best assets…

No one said you had to be historically accurate.

9. Bring some blankets.

It is a picnic, and you’ll want a place to stretch out and relax in the shade.

10. Bring the kids, too.

It’s like a wedding–they love being on the dance floor while you get wasted off the cocktails.

11. Peach is perfect.

It looks lovely with pearls and sets the ton for a Gastby-esque affair.

13 Bring a camera.

Because you will definitely want to take pictures!