Geri-Anne Noe, Buyer, Rodale's

Geri-Anne Noe, Buyer, Rodale’s

As a buyer for sustainable luxury boutique Rodale’s, Geri-Anne Noe is responsible for finding just the right foodstuffs and home goods to stock its virtual shelves. And by the looks of it, she’s doing a great job. I covet these peach “odd block” linen throws.

Noe was born and raised in Philadelphia, but as a proud graduate of FIT and a buyer with 19+ years of experience, we thought she could show us a thing or two about living the good life in NYC. Turns out, she’s a girl after my own heart. Check out her answers below:

What’s your favorite NYC restaurant?

Well, Roberta’s “sustainability” and “sourcing” are well known and documented, but I really like what’s going on at Seersucker.  They source a lot from within New York, especially the Hudson Valley region and Dutchess County, which I hold a slight bias for too. The valley’s ripe with U-Pick’em farms, markets and orchards.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

I live for lazy, low key Sundays…sleeping in, yoga at my local studio, brunch with friends, hitting up a farmer’s  market or grocery shopping, exploring my new neighborhood, Cobble Hill, with my boyfriend and our dog, or making dinner at home.  Finding small shops and markets in my neighborhood helps inspire my picks for what’s next on Rodale’s. Heaven would be a day at the beach!

You can only see one musical artist perform this year. Who do you choose?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs!  I was so happy to see them at GoogaMooga this year!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Sacrilege (Dir.Cut) from riffraff films on Vimeo.

What’s your favorite place to shop in the city?

I’m loving Greenhouse and as well as Bird at the moment.

You have three days free to get the heck out of the city. Where do you go?

Cape May, NJ.  It’s my happy place!

What’s your biggest, unsustainable bad habit?

OK, I’d have to admit probably the worst unsustainable bad habit in our home is the use of paper towels (recycled of course!).  We rationalize that it’s a push between the water used to clean house rags or the use of paper towels.  If there could only just be a better, er, sanitary solution.

Do you vintage shop? Where do you go?

I do actually!  Believe it or not, there’s a hot bed of vintage shops between Ligonier and Somerset, PA (about an hour east of Pittsburgh) where you can unearth some really great finds. In N.Y., I like No. 6 for vintage.  In L.A., Rose Bowl in a must.

Vintage is always a great source of inspiration when I’m looking for new concepts and products across apparel, home and accessories for upcoming seasons.

Do you ever lecture your friends on their non-green choices?

Oh, no.  Well, I wouldn’t call it lecturing, but … suggesting. No, if I find something great, I love to talk about, and I’m lucky my friends will tell me about their finds too! It’s more of a collective conscious and self policing.

What do you find most challenging about living sustainably?

Well, in New York, unfortunately its space. (Go figure.) For instance, if we had more space we’d do much more composting. It’s just the little things, though.  My boyfriend is exceptionally good about using all parts of foodstuffs. Whether we cook it at home or get a rotisserie chicken for some “fast food,” all the scraps and bones, ends of carrots and onions etc. are kept. He makes stock, which makes soup or ends up in sauce.  So we really try hard to use all of our “organics.” Unfortunately whether they are finished meals or scraps, it just takes up space.

Here’s a personal one: When it’s yellow, do you let it mellow?

Fortunately, we have a low-volume toilet, so we are not super militant, but yeah we try to conserve as much as we can … within reason.