Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

How I’m Livin’: Rachael Baxter, Editor-in-Chief of Conscious Magazine

Rachael Baxter-Lechliter

Rachael Baxter is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Conscious Magazine, a print and online publication that elevates the conversation around conscious culture by highlighting people and organizations that are changing the world for the better.

Rachael has grown Conscious Magazine into a global destination for those interested in and excited about progress toward a better world, by featuring social entrepreneurs, community development, local-to-global initiatives, and more. She’s spoken on Social Good at Harvard’s Igniting Innovation Summit, and on Leadership and Innovation at the UN International Youth Leaders Assembly.

I’ve contributed to Conscious Magazine in the past and often find myself at parties with her, and I’m always bowled over by Rachael charm, creativity, and zest for life. She knows how to work a party with aplomb! Always fashionably attired and plugged into sustainable community in New York City, Rachael make the perfect subject for EcoCult’s How I’m Livin’ series. Read on for her picks of what to eat and do in NYC:

What’s your favorite NYC restaurant?

For very special occasions, Perry Street in the West Village! Perry Street is known for its elegance and the chef’s exquisite blend of French, American, and Asian influences and ingredients.The food is A+++, and it’s a top spot for a sunset on the Hudson.

Your fave bar?

The Jeffery for an adventurous “what am I feeling / guess what I like” kind of cocktail. When you order from Jacob Tschetter, your drink is guaranteed to be made with love and creativity.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

A slow Sunday morning stroll along the East River in Long Island City with the pups and hubs followed by a cup of coffee at Coffeed and the Sunday New York Times. After that, a workout and then brunch with the besties, which always starts with an inside joke: “cheers to being fierce!”

What’s your favorite place to shop in the city?

I don’t normally go on shopping trips, but I will say that I frequent STORY quite a bit. I’m inspired by the concept and in awe of the founder, Rachel Schechtman. She’s brilliant!

Where do you do your grocery shopping in the city?

Being that I’m in Long Island City, my food store is Foodcellar & Co. But! I’m a huge Blue Apron fan so three times per week the food list is delivered to my doorstop.

Do you vintage shop? Where do you go?

I love vintage shops! However, that’s usually a must-stop when I’m traveling out of town, like to Beacon, NY.

What’s your favorite non-toxic beauty product?

Stop The Water While Using Me. Their innovative approach to beauty rocks! They have omitted synthetic colorings and aromas and only use natural, essential oils to fragrance their products.

You have one day to get out of the city; where do you go?

Beacon, NY, with a long visit to the Dia Museum.

How has living sustainably changed your life for the better?

I feel like I see the light as opposed to being in the dark oh so many years ago! Looking back and knowing what I know now, I feel like an educated person who is more equipped to make better decisions.

What’s your biggest, unsustainable bad habit?

Not enough sleep and impulsive buys! My social calendar tends to be quite full and so I sacrifice rest to get that list completed. 

Do you ever lecture your friends on their non-green choices?

I feel like I haven’t had to! My circle of friends knows what’s up. However, I think if a friend is smoking, then I may have a chat.

What do you find most challenging about living sustainably?

Access. We need the sustainability lifestyle to go mainstream to reach the masses… and the first step is awareness.

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