Shopping sustainablyIt’s no secret that the fashion industry is lagging behind in the food industry when it comes to sustainability. While by now you can buy certified organic food at almost any grocery store, and swing by a myriad of farmer’s markets to buy local food, the same isn’t true for clothing.

It takes a lot of work to find sustainable clothing, and when you do find it, you must take a leap of faith and trust the maker when they say that it’s ethically-produced and made out of sustainable or eco-friendly materials. You have to make compromises in your style when you want to buy sustainable fashion (“I just want a classy cocktail dress that’s made in the U.S.!), whereas you can get anything organic now a days.

If you would like to give the fashion industry a shove forward in your own little way, then I encourage you to take this fashion survey from A Clean Future, a think tank devoted to documenting consumer views and action around sustainability issues. Right now they’re working on a fashion initiative, and could use your help.

It’s quick and painless–I took it myself!

Take the Clean Future survey on fashion.