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Many of you have been complimenting me on my latest article for Refinery29, in which I do a deep dive into denim, and try to find the lowest retail price at which you can find ethical, sustainable jeans. (Thank you!)

Well, I couldn’t have done such a fabulous job if I didn’t have the help of Project JUST, a non-profit which profiles large and small brands, providing top-quality research for consumers interested in the question of, “How sustainable and ethical is ____?” The founders, Natalie and Shahd, asked me to be on the committee for their first JUST Approved topic, which was denim. And they let me take all of that research and pour it into the article.

They’re going to be doing more research, and more JUST Approved topics. But they need your help! Yesterday their Indigogo campaign launched. Rewards for donating range from a JUST t-shirt, to attending a JUST party or dinner, to a chance to choose their next research topic, all the way to a complete wardrobe makeover and a “transparency trip” to visit a full fashion supply chain.

So go donate! This is voting with your dollar, taken to the next level.