Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Green Things on My Mind: This Time Lapse Video Will Blow Your Mind


Jesus, this time lapse video of Yosemite park.

Kellen Lutz wore an eco-friendly tux and Olga Kurylenko wore an eco-friendly gown to the Academy Awards. I would be even more excited about this if I knew who these people were.

Apparently, the final section of the High Line will pay homage to its roots, with a wilder, more unkempt feel.

The new video series How Does it Grow? starts with the most interesting topic: mushrooms.

Read this interview with sustainable jewelry designer Blair Lauren Brown, then go look at her stuff in person at 12 Wooster in SoHo (Melissa Joy Manning is there too).

NYC has decided to sterilize swans with birth control instead of killing them. (You know that swans are actually an invasive species, right?)

My friend Lauren is a pro at packing zero-waste lunches for work. Seriously, check it out.

Yet another story showing how incredibly hard it is to ban obviously toxic substances in the U.S. via the saga of BPA. Who would like to move to Europe with me?

Exxon Mobile will kick $19.5 million to Greenpoint for environmental projects, to atone for 30 million gallons of oil leaked from its old refinery. Now the community has to decide which projects among the $65 million proposed will move forward.

Chipotle warned of a gaucapocalypse if climate change continues to damage avocado supplies.

The eco-friendly bakery and lunchtime spot Bird Bath opened a new location near Grand Central.

Find out what non-toxic face scrub Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss uses on her face to combat Coachella grime.

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