If New York City were designed to provide all its own food, this is what it would look like.

Gaze at these gorgeous pictures of the night sky in the darkest parts of America, where light pollution is almost nonexistent.

The eco-friendly Park Slope fashion boutique Bhoomki has been on my radar for a little bit. I haven’t visited yet, but Spades + siLK has a nice writeup about it. Have you been?

Ugh, I quit. Apparently, BPA-free plastic can be even more toxic than regular plastic. Glass it is. All day, every day.

I can’t wait to decorate my new place with stuff from this adorable Greenpoint boutique that sells Brooklyn-made home items, Home of the Brave.

Wait, did the Senate really stay up all night to talk about Climate Change? Here is a quick summary of what happened, plus the best one-liners.

I found this Q&A with a marketing expert on how to sell environmentalism fascinating, since I’m sort of in that field myself. Tip #1: Never say Earth.

Pastels are in for spring, and I think this gorgeous ethical handbag collection, Vaska, will do nicely.

Many DJs turn to drugs to keep themselves energized for an all-night set. This DJ turns to coconut water and health food.

Millennials don’t identify as environmentalists, but maybe the story is more complicated than that …

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift frolicked about Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and documented it all on Instagram.

Valentine Gauthier, a conscious Parisian designer, has definitely upped her game this season. Want it all.

Spirit Beauty Lounge, a destination for non-toxic beauty, had the founders of various brands share their favorite makeup and skincare products–some from their own companies, but many from other companies they love, too! Good stuff in there.

I did not know that quinoa milk was a thing. But now I want to try this recipe for homemade quinoa milk for myself.

Just in case you were curious, here’s exactly what it takes for a brand to be Fair Trade certified.

Wearing Nike sneakers around town with your nice outfit is a fast-growing trend. And you know what? Nike sneakers are a pretty good choice for a conscious consumer.

I met the lovely lady Katherine Kartis a couple weeks ago when she joined us on our trip to Los Angeles. Here she talks about why she loves using a cup instead of a tamp.