Spades + siLK has a nice review of all the issues surrounding cotton, in case you need more convincing to switch to organic. For example, “Between 25 million and 77 million agricultural workers worldwide suffer from acute pesticide poisoning with at least 1 million requiring hospitalization each year.”


Speaking of organic cotton, H&M is debuting its next Conscious Collection in April, and it looks cute! You had better run to stores–last time the best stuff sold out in approximately 24 hours.

A shocking report from Mother Jones showcases the disastrous environmental effects of illegally-grown marijuana. (Rat poison as a pesticide??) Now that marijuana is legal in Washington state, can we grow a sustainable marijuana leaf?


Oh, I am definitely making these quinoa cookies with almond butter, cocoa nibs, cranberries and and coconut.

Scientists are growing increasingly desperate to awaken us to the seriousness of climate change. A new report came out last week aiming to do that, but is it enough? (Probably not, as long as rich people can buy their way out of being affected by climate change.)


Tara St. James is collaborating with a female prison population in Mexico for her latest, gorgeous, collection.

Rachel of the ethical online boutique Helpsy wrote a much-needed piece for Refinery29 on why leather can be ethical, and how to find it.

Controversial as NYC mayor De Blasio is, his new sanitation chief is baller. Here comes composting!

A world-famous climate project, featured prominently in An Inconvenient Truth is scrounging for funding. (But you can help!)

Crazy: Even though women have higher levels of phthalates in their bodies because of beauty products and cosmetics, men are more likely to be affected by them, by losing their ability to have babies.


An infographic shows how–by cab sharing–we could reduce trips by 40% in NYC. Of course, that won’t happen because of the cabs pick up passengers: by driving in circles looking for them. Maybe if we did it Paris-style, with cabs waiting at taxi stations, we could more efficiently ride share.


Love dolphins? You might be getting a side of dead dolphin when you order common types of fish. It’s called bycatch, the dead sea life that is dumped overboard once the “eatable” fish is separated out from nets and dredging. This is all in a new report from Oceana.


Treehugger founder Graham Hill is selling his crazy transformable apartment for a cool $1 million. And if I had $1 million? I would probably buy it.

If you’re new to the non-toxic beauty scene, here’s a quick, 5-step primer on cleaning up your skin and makeup collection.