Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Green Street Style: Architecturally Rendered

sustainable street style clover canyon alden wicker

The thing I loved about vintage clothing is that it’s structured. The boning, strong seams, fitted waists, darts and thick fabric is especially suited to girls like me with hips and waists and breasts. I just don’t look good in drape-y, casual fabrics, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweatshirts, and all that stuff. I need structure.

Which is why I love a good pencil skirt and fitted top. Nothing trashy, just something well-tailored to show off my figure.

I’m also very much into graphic patterns right now. The more bold lines and shapes and abstract computer images, the better. So when I found Clover Canyon on My Fair Vanity, I spent a good hour poring through all the crop tops, jackets, blouses, pencil skirts, pajama bottoms, and bodacious but ladylike dresses inscribed with intricate, fantastical, architectural and floral designs. Like someone put the cover of The Labyrinth onto fabric. I like Clover Canyon because it’s made in California out of neoprene, the same stuff they make scuba suits out of. So everything is incredibly comfortable, stretchy, and yet cinches you in.

I ended up giving a finger to my rent and picking up a few pieces, but went with mismatching patterns for the crop top and bottom. Check out these pictures by Trevor Wilson:

sustainable street style clover canyon alden wicker
Tote by Bonastre, made in Spain of vegetable-tanned leather by artisans

sustainable street style clover canyon alden wicker

Sustainable jewelry - raw conflict-free diamond ring from ABC Home and quartz ring from Beklina
Raw conflict-free diamond ring from ABC Home, and quartz ring from Beklina. Bracelet is a gift from a Colombian friend.
Clover Canyon eco-friendly street style
Necklace by H&M Conscious Collection
vintage ankle bracelet
Vintage ankle bracelet with my grandmother’s–and my first–name inscribed: Ruthie

All photos by Trevor Wilson Photography

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