La Fresh Travel Wipes When I’m out and about in NYC, I need a few things in my purse. A water bottle, of course. A handkerchief certainly comes in handy–I like to pick up lace-edged ones from the flea market. And if you’re planning on crashing at a friend’s (or a friend’s) apartment after a night out, travel-sized face cleanser, hygienic wipes, and makeup remover are a must.

I say they’re a must, and yet I never carry them with me because so far I haven’t gotten around to finding a brand of these I like. So, I was excited to try out the wipes La Fresh sent me. All La Fresh products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrances and animal byproducts, and the travel sizes come in small, colorful packets that slip right inside your jeans pocket or purse pocket. They’re compostable, too!

La Fresh has two oil-free face cleansers to try, one is fragrance-free and the other is scented. As a general rule, I always go with fragrance-free if it’s available. Some companies hide some weird ingredients inside “fragrance.” (Not saying that La Fresh does–they seem pretty trust-worthy–I’ve just made in my personal rule.) But both cleansers work wonderfully. And since they don’t require water, they’re convenient to use if you want to wipe the sweat off your face after you get off a bike and before you head inside to your dinner date, or if you need to run into a public bathroom or port-a-potty at a summer party and get fresh.

Here’s a fresh tune that expresses my bittersweet melancholy for the end of summer. 

The waterproof makeup remover gets a perfect ten for healthy ingredients on Good Guide, and a perfect ten for usefulness. It wiped my cat eye right off, and left behind a subtle lavender scent, which is nice if you’re heading to bed in the next few minutes.

The nail polish remover is some of the most delicious-smelling nail polish remover I’ve ever used. With a “fresh tuscan orange” scent, it smells exactly like flavored vodka, and I mean that in a good way. And with rosemary leaf extract, and aloe leaf juice it took off my shimmer nail polish quickly while leaving my nails nourished instead of dried out.

Other products La Fresh has that I didn’t try include hand sanitizer wipes, anti-aging face cleanser wipes, female and male hygienic wipes, and animal care products. And most products come in both single-packet wipes or 30-count packs.

Now when I leave the house or head to the airport, I know I’ll be slipping a few of these little packets in my purse.