A group of 9th graders ran an experiment that raises some serious concerns about wifi. Though, it’s an experiment by 9th graders, so take it with a grain of salt. [Yoli’s Green Living]

SeaWorld is going to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year. Animal activists are less than pleased, especially since this is right on the heels of the documentary Blackfish[Ecorazzi]

No-fun Plaza Hotel wants the CitiBikes in front of it gone. Maybe it’s because they are a shade of blue that tends to offend rich, privileged people [NY Post and NY Mag]

Read an interview with leading sustainable jewelry designer Pamela Love. Her stuff is cu-ute. [Foam Magazine]

TOMS will start manufacturing shoes in Haiti. [Ecouterre]

It’s official. Air pollution is a carcinogen. Hey, isn’t it time to change your air conditioner filter? [Grist]

If you’ve been in Williamsburg for the past three months, you’ve likely seen the sophisticated “Save Domino” campaign, with its murals, light shows, posters, graffiti and social media handles everywhere. But apparently, the proposed plan to replace it is pretty good. [NY Times]

Mexico banned GMO corn. Mexico wins. [EcoWatch]