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Have you heard about microbeads? They’re the tiny plastic beads (in lieu of sands or other natural grains) put into shower scrubs and the like, which of course then wash down the pipes and into waterways. They’re becoming a huge problem in the Great Lakes. (Isn’t it weird that companies would put plastic spheres into our skincare products anyway?) But our fair New York might be the first to ban them.

The fall/winter collection at Organic by John Patrick was lovely, as usual. Lots of lovely coats, sweaters, and quilted separates evoking a man on the moon.

There was actually a lot of non-toxic nail polish on the runways this year at NYFW. I especially loved Priti’s two-tone mani in black and bronze. Nail inspo ahead. 

Holy crap, have you seen that French sexism video? It runs a a man through the every day sexism a woman faces, and it is so accurate. The homeless woman is amazing and almost funny, if it weren’t so true.

Russell Simmons says getting angry and excoriating people who design and wear fur is maybe not the best way to pull people over onto the vegan side. Which is what I’ve been saying! Thank you!

Aw, the poor Greenmarket people are so lonely out there in the cold! Go pay them a visit. Buy some frozen honey.

Come look at these photos of the earth taken from above. I mean, they’re gorgeous, but they really drive home the point of humans being parasitic. Really, go look.

Vivienne Westwood, the designer, is so badass. She’s more concerned with climate change than fashion. Also, buy this $315 fundraising shirt.

This story of a scientist who was pursued by the company making the dangerous chemical atrazine is terrifying, for what it says about the regulation of chemicals in this country. That is, poisonous toxins–even when proved poisonous–are here to stay for a long, long time. (Move to Europe.)

For the person who truly has everything, buy this block of wood called Nothing. It’s a piece of art intended to remind you that you don’t need to acquire anything else. Yeah, its logic seemed a little circular to me, too.

My friend Anna sent me this quick read on why New Belgium Brewery Company is the greenest brewery ever. (Sadly, you can’t get it in NYC.)

I guess it took a new luxury fashion label–with attendant high prices–to get the fashion-y people to cock their heads and consider the possibility of ethical fashion being a thing. Thus, this lush profile of Maiyet at The Cut. I mean, good for Maiyet, but this quizzical attitude seems a bit out of touch.