The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Green Cocktail Party Chatter: Lauren Conrad Isn’t SO Bad, I Guess


Everything worth talking about in the world of sustainability this week, rounded up for you in an almost no-brain format. 

So, yeah, everything about Lauren Conrad is kind of annoying. Except, her beauty tips are kind of useful. And then she’s launched this market for handmade, artisan goods? Ok, I guess she’s OK.

There’s a new, glossy book full of pictures of well-dressed cyclists in New York. Yum.

There’s a new marketplace where customers vote on what issues they think matter. It’s an interesting concept, I’m curious to see if it actually takes off. (Because I’m more into the idea of curation than crowdsourcing, these days.)

My friend and owner of the e-boutique Helpsy wrote a great article for Refinery29 on up-and-coming sustainable fashion designers.

The funding is coming in for victims of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, and it looks like Mango had a change of heart and is contributing. Not that that means they did anything wrong of course. It’s totally just out of the kindness of their hearts.

The west side hotel Ink48 now has a itty bitty restaurant inside their old rooftop pool, where you can eat produce picked from a few feet away. I remember hanging out by that pool at night a few years back …

My friend Lauren posted about how she lets her fridge go bare every couple of weeks to keep from wasting food. Girl read my mind!

How annoying is it that, like, every piece of clothing you own says dry clean only? They’re obviously lying. But that might change soon if the FTC follows through with a bold new plan

And About That Climate Change …

This winter has been really un-fun. But apparently, that was the norm a few decades ago. Stop complaining, you whippersnappers.

The Supreme Court has been considering whether Obama’s f-u-congress approach to limiting greenhouse gas emissions is warranted or went too far.

More drama in the Keystone XL case: a Nebraska court said that the governor’s decision to allow the pipeline through the state was unconstitutional, holding up the project for at least another year or two.

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