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Green Beauty Review: Violets Are Blue Skincare Is Perfect for the Most Sensitive and Picky of Women

Violets Are Blue Skincare, a gorgeous line of natural products, began with a very personal quest. After a breast cancer diagnosis, founder Cynthia Besteman realized many of the products she used daily contained ingredients that were not truly safe or natural. Working with a biochemist, Besteman created her own skincare line filled with all-natural, organic ingredients and essential oils that are beneficial to both women and men undergoing cancer treatment, as well as to individuals with sensitive or maturing skin.

I was fortunate to sample products from the Violets Are Blue Signature Line, and I noticed the gentle quality with my first use. I’m turning 38 soon, and my skin has definitely become more sensitive in the last year. I’m also currently taking medication to treat symptoms of scleroderma, an autoimmune disease I’ve had for years. Out of necessity, I’ve become incredibly selective about the products I use, and Violets Are Blue is quite perfect for my skin.

The Facial Cleanser, made with white tea and carrot seed, and the Facial Serum, which contains carrot seed oil and rosehip, are both gentle and effective without causing irritation. The cleanser removes all traces of makeup easily without stripping your skin, and it felt refreshing to use at the end of a long summer day. I detected only the faintest hint of lavender as I applied the serum, but it’s far from overpowering and quickly dissipates as it moisturizes. Both products are wonderful staples in any skincare regimen.

I also sampled the Oatmeal and Calendula Hand Cut Soap and found it incredibly moisturizing. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and is unscented, so it’s a great soap for skin allergies, too. The Body Cream, which I applied after showering, contains shea butter and sweet almond oil, ingredients known for their calming, soothing qualities. It’s emollient but not greasy, and is wonderful for dry or sunburned skin. And the All Natural/Non Aluminum Deodorant is scented with tea tree oil and lemongrass, which gives it a fresh, distinctive scent. It’s also incredibly gentle and effective, though the deodorant stings slightly if applied to freshly-shaved underarms.

After trying these products for several weeks, I was truly impressed by Cynthia Besteman’s careful crafting of Violets Are Blue Skincare. Each ingredient seemed perfectly suited to my current skincare needs and my skin was soothed as I experimented on it. I wasn’t nervous to try any of these products because I knew they would work, and they definitely delivered. Violets Are Blue Skincare isn’t trendy or flashy, and that’s kind of the point. It’s a wonderfully gentle skincare line dedicated to those who will benefit most from simple, natural ingredients, and I’ve become a new follower.

In addition, Violets Are Blue gift sets are given to women on their first day of chemotherapy treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, and customers can make donations toward these care packages or purchase their own as gifts. It’s a lovely practice that shares this skincare line with others and furthers the mission of Violets Are Blue.

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