For women who age like a fine wine, their daily skincare regime is highly coveted. Take Alice Gregory, a porcelain doll of a woman I look up to (and my grandmother). For her, simple skin hydration has paved the way to a bubbly smile. She treats her sensitive skin preciously, even avoiding hot shower water spilling onto her face. Then again, the 50’s were an odd time.

For most of us, our cocktail mix of products is a temporary fix until stress rears its ugly head or seasons change, and we grudgingly switch. We just need consistency. Makeup experts and skincare specialists refer to various skin types – dry, oily, combination assuming you know which category you fall under, but what if you’re any of these and sensitive?

I shamelessly want it all: fragrance-free, non-toxic, brightening, hydrating and all-natural (originating from real plants and mineral sources, not the fake kind of natural that’s slapped on labels dubiously). So I tried something different from my coconut oil regime that made me feel even better.

Drum roll please: A no-nonsense, vegan, organic skincare line that’s based on simplicity does exist! You won’t hear them shouting about magical elixirs and quick-fix chemicals. They’re humble pie. No sulfates, artificial colors, GMO’s, synthetics, Glycol, fragrances, or any other toxic irritants in any of their products. Instead, this line is naturally plant and bio-based. Just like Alice’s good old days. Back to basics.

Schaf says, “Our skin care consists of multi-purpose products for safe, effective, uncomplicated skin care management, each designed to safely improve the overall appearance & health of your skin.”

Let’s be honest, we’re sensitive (I mean our skin) and deserve quality, and it didn’t take long for my skin to do the talking. Schaf recommends using the products for a minimum of a month to get a “real feel” for the benefits to be fully realized, but you”ll notice it as early as two weeks. Here’s my experience with each of the products:


Schaf Scrub // clean beauty

Biodegradable white lava particles from France and apricot seed powder. I’ve been using this two times per week to exfoliate and keep my skin glowing. The thick paste sometimes gets stuck in the bottle, but that doesn’t overshadow the quality and effectiveness of this great scrub.


Schaf cleanser // clean beauty

This is a coconut-based cleanser infused with a blend of Chamomile, Aloe and Cucumber that’s gentle so my makeup slides off easily. It lathers well to emulsify the pollution off our busy city lives. No irritation here.


Schaf Eye Cream // clean beauty review

An eye cream that’s doubles as a nightly moisture mask. Peptides firm and lift the eye area and Coenzymes reduce that tanning bed UV damage (oops) stimulating healthy collagen production. It visibly smoothes the fine wrinkles around my eyes and keeps them feeling moist almost all day. I’d give it a 10.



A light hydration with ingredients that fight environmental damage with a punch. This goes on smooth under makeup without feeling oily. The best part: my skin doesn’t wake up thirsty because Hyaluronic Acid provides 1,000 times its weight in moisture. It just needs an SPF to level up!

The Price

Schaf’s product line has a price tag, at $25-$45 per item, but nothing compared to beauty counters. Plus, if you don’t like it within 30 days they will refund you, and if you sign up for Schaf Skincare email newsletter, you can get extra discounts site wide, so you’ll pay even less.