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Green Beauty Review: RAW IS EVERYTHING

IMG_9099-2I ditched my daily moisturizer for a face oil for one week and here’s what happened …

I’ve been using the same holistic skincare line for over 10 years. I have my routine down and my products on lock … you could say I’m attached. So the prospect of swapping my daily moisturizer for a face oil was a pretty big deal for me. This product had some super-sized shoes to fill.

Cue the Antioxidant Treatment from RAW IS EVERYTHING.

This brand was started by three women (all Harvard grads) who were fed up with the unregulated beauty industry. They set out to create a line of products that give the modern woman complete control over the ingredients she is putting on her skin, and RAW was born: a line of single-ingredient face oils made from organic and biodynamic plants.

Why is this so important?

Well, 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, so being aware of what you are putting on your body is just as important as what you are putting in your body. If you are eating organic foods but still using drugstore face lotion, it may be time to reconsider.

I tested out the RAW Antioxidant Treatment, which is made from unrefined, cold pressed raspberry seed oil. The first thing I noticed is that the dropper is super high tech. This ain’t yo mama’s rubber dropper … it’s chrome-colored and features a button to control exactly how many drops you use.

The second thing that struck me is that it doesn’t have the scent I normally associate with skincare. No sensual rose, energizing lemon or earthy pine. It smells just like you would expect a seed oil to. Mild and slightly nutty, with just the faintest hint of raspberry. Not bad, but not what I’m used to.


I applied three drops of the oil over my face. I have learned enough about skincare at this point to know that oil doesn’t necessarily cause your skin to be oily. However, as the season has been heating up, I’ve been a bit annoyed with my face getting greasy later in the day and it felt kind of contrary to be oiling up my skin. Within about ten minutes though, it was quickly absorbed and the shine went away, leaving a slight flush on my cheeks. My skin felt hydrated and supple01… velvety even. Into it.

I spent the majority of the week using just the oil on my face without makeup or anything else and I loved the results. Over the course of the week I wasn’t experiencing the greasy feeling in the afternoon, no blemishes arose and I felt like the elasticity of my skin had improved. Wow.

The ladies over at RAW say that the oil “may act as broad spectrum UV protectant.”  While I wouldn’t count on using the oil alone if I was getting a lot of sun, it’s nice to know it has that quality. In addition to protecting against sunlight, the antioxidants in the raspberry seed protect the skin against free radicals caused by environmental toxins.

Even though the science behind the oil’s protective qualities are bit beyond me, I can say that love the way the oil makes my skin look and feel. Suffice to say I’m not switching back.

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