Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Green Beauty Review: Privai Wants to Heal Your Skin

Privai was founded by Christina Stratton and Ilana Alberico with the hopes of creating an affordable spa line exclusively for women that would not only heal the skin, but would also represent the core values of mindful living. “We wanted to simultaneously influence education, produce results for our guests and represent the power of inner beauty,” Christina Stratton says. 

Privai promises to deliver high quality skincare products which are consciously sourced and botanically based. All of their bottles are made out of recyclable glass and all of their packaging is eco-friendly. Aside from that, all of their products are also paraben-free and cruelty free, too.

As a company focused on the empowerment of women, Privai also makes donations to Women For Women International, an organization “devoted to enlightening women about their self-worth through education, business skills and elevating self-esteem.”

If you leave in a city like New York where you skin is constantly exposed and the rapid climate change leaves it dry and flaky, the Rice Flower Polish masque might be a great addition to your skincare routine. Privai claims that the unique blend of salicylic acid and rice bran gently scrubs away all of the dry and flaky skin, while improving the overall look of any skin type. I personally have always suffered from extreme dry skin, and although the masque is wonderful, it just wasn’t enough for me. 

However, I can safely say the Antioxidant Repair serum, out of the three products I tried, was the one that made the biggest difference on my skin. Although it seems extremely heavy at first, the mixture of green tea, pomegranate, jojoba and rosehip oil creates a very smooth and light moisturizer that helps fight hyper-pigmentation and dehydration.

If your skin is on the oilier side and the Antioxidant Repair seems too much to handle, the Matte Moisturizer is a good alternative. The scent is beyond delightful and the sage extract in the cream leaves a very refreshing sensation while also helping fight blemishes.

My Conclusion

Overall the products work exactly as they are supposed to. Out of the three, I would definitely repurchase the Antioxidant Repair oil, as it really made a huge difference for me. If you want to pamper yourself every now and then the masque is a good option, too. Since my skin is definitely on the drier side, I was not a huge fan of the moisturizer, as it made little to no difference to my particular skin type; however, I still believe all three of them are great products.


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