Review: Nourish Organic

Rose gold, a glass of rosé wine, and dozens of roses are life’s simple pleasures that nourish my summer soul. Summer is also the optimal time to harness the beauty of the rose and strengthen my skin. It’s no coincidence a brand named Nourish Organics does just that.

Their Face Lotion has slowly become my favorite beauty product. The scent is incredible! It smells like citrus, though the more prominent ingredients consist of argan, rosewater, and aloe vera – all organic. I could feel my skin youthfully tightening up as the lotion dried, yet could still display many facial expressions (insert emoji’s here) without feeling constricted.

Although there are no listed ingredients of roses in the Facial Cleanser, I will settle for cucumber and watergrass. You only need a dime-sized amount to catch a whiff of the refreshing nutrients in this cleanser. I was ecstatic to touch my skin after using this on a hot July day and find that I was more hydrated than I anticipated. It is worth noting “Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser” is the proper description on the package, and it certainly lives up to it!

Confession: I have never used oil or serum on my skin. From my acne prone teen years and into my early 20’s I always thought oil was a breeding ground for more bacteria which meant more breakouts. After using the Argan Face Serum for three weeks and counting, I believe it is the secret base layer my skin has always needed. My face felt lighter than expected and it has helped enhance that summer glow I sought out for in June.

As a nurse, I appreciate the array of verifications and labels – USDA Organic and Leaping Bunny are two important ones – Nourish Organic associates with because, it lets me know they are serious about their brand and aim to be a transparent company. Their full ingredient lists assure me that as I walk in the hazy heat of my morning commute, to the soothing A/C of the hospital, and in and out of patient rooms throughout the day, exposing my skin to a multitude of temperatures and moisture levels, that they can keep my skin even-keeled and soak up all summer has to offer.