by Meghan Navoy

As a fan of using natural oils as a moisturizer, I was thrilled when Marie D’Argan sent me three bottles of their ethically produced, organic and EcoCert certified oils to try out. I tested the Nigella Sativa oil, Macadamia Oil and argan Oil, incorporating each oil for one week into my daily skincare routine. The oils come in amber glass bottles with a dropper for easy application, have lovely labels trimmed in gold, and come in a sleek white cardboard box.

The Oils

As has been covered extensively elsewhere, argan oil is excellent for it’s high vitamin E content, which helps to moisturize skin and hair and prevent premature aging. Over the past few years,  it has been a darling of the natural beauty set, and has worked its way into conventional beauty products as well, from suspect sources.

But Marie D’Argan works with a cooperative of the indigenous Berber women of Morocco to harvest the argan seeds that fall onto the ground, dry them in the sun and then crack them open between two rocks to harvest the oils, which they then grind into a paste. The paste is cold pressed in a Moroccan facility with a micro filtration process to create the highest quality of oils. Marie D’Argan is conscious of its supply chain and works with suppliers who are contribute to the protection of the Argan forest as well as the socio-economic development of the Berber women and children. Each supplier is also in accordance with EcoCert, USDA Organic and European Organic Regulation.

Nigella Sativa Oil is extracted from the black cumin seed plant, commonly called black seed oil or kalonjgi oil. Nigella Sativa has been used for its healing and culinary properties by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries for thousands of years. It has also been proven to help with psoriasis and eczema as well as an aid to regrowing hair. Nigella Sativa Oil is said to have been used in Cleopatra’s beauty regimen and even found in the tomb with King Tut. Marie D’Argan’s Nigella Sativa oil is safe to consume internally and great for using externally as well on skin and hair.

Marie D’Argan’s Macadamia Oil is produced from organically grown Australian macadamia trees. The natural acids and plant phytosterols found in macadamia oil help to treat dry hair and skin. Macadamia oil is able to penetrate deeper layers of skin that typically have difficulty retaining moisture due to the palmitoleic, oleic, and linoleum fatty acids found in the oil.

The Results

I used each oil for a week after washing my face before bed and in the morning. I used about 5-6 drops into my hands, rubbed them together and applied on my face, neck and décolleté. The macadamia oil and argan oil were completely fragrance free, and the Nigella Sativa Oil had a light natural musky scent. The oils felt moisturizing but not too oily and sunk into my skin within five minutes or so after applying. I also tried the oil in the roots of my hair as the packaging recommends, but as you might imagine it makes hair very oily and you’ll have to wash it the next morning if using before bed.

I didn’t notice a huge difference from oil to oil – each was moisturizing and relatively light on the skin. I did break out while testing the argan oil, but it could have been coincidental. Although the company has given me information on the EcoCert and organic certifications of each oil, only the argan oil is labelled organic on the bottle. The macadamia and nigella sativa oil are both labelled ‘100% Pure and Natural’.


The price point of each oil is $49 for 50 ml, which is slightly more expensive than the leading argan oil brand, Kahina Giving Beauty. I probably would not have purchased it at that price if I saw it in a store, but after using the oils I really like the quality of the oils for moisturizing as well as their lovely packaging. If you’re looking for a more affordable face oil, these aren’t for you, but if you’re looking to support an ethical company that makes high quality oils for face and hair, Marie D’Argan is a great option.