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Green Beauty Review: Lizora Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream


Review: Lizora Cream and bag

When Lizora challenged me to use its Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream for seven days in place of my regular skincare routine, I was initially skeptical. I’ve used multi-purpose beauty balms in the past and found they only work well as either a cleanser or moisturizer, but definitely not both.

But Lizora’s promise of 100% organic ingredients without preservatives, combined with the use of fermented pu-erh tea from the Himalayan region, intrigued me. I chose to use Lizora’s cream during my evening skincare ritual, and soon came to love it as a luxury product.

The cream, contained within a small metal tin, arrived in a beautifully wrapped package inside a larger shipping box. I was discouraged to find so much extra packaging, since the actual product is very small and fits in the palm of my hand. I was left with two medium-sized boxes to reuse or recycle, and I think Lizora could find a smaller, more eco-friendly shipping option to make a first impression.

Lizora Packaging

Once opened, the first thing I noticed was the smell, which surprised me, since the cream is described as “free from fragrance” on the tin’s lid. The scent comes naturally from a combination of orange peel extract and tangerine oil and is somewhat strong, though it soon dissipates. I rubbed a small amount of the cream on my wrist to test later, and didn’t detect any lingering smell. My skin is reactive to scented products, but Lizora’s cream hasn’t irritated my skin and I’ve come to enjoy the fruity smell.

The Pu-erh Nourishing Cream has a soft, balmy texture. Because it contains shea butter, no preservatives, and is incredibly emollient, Lizora recommends storing it at room temperature or in your refrigerator. I left it on my bathroom counter and didn’t have any issues with the cream melting. It can also be placed in the freezer for five minutes, which causes it to crystallize into a wonderful exfoliant.

Lizora uses only natural ingredients, including Moroccan rose and chrysanthemum flower, which work to calm the skin. Grapeseed oil, cocoa seed butter, and the pu-erh tea also make the cream incredibly gentle and soothing. I used it each night as a cleanser, and then again as a moisturizer after applying my regular serum and prescription cream. It worked well to remove my makeup and freshen my skin, though it should not be used as an eye-makeup remover, due to the citrus oil ingredients. The cream is also a lovely moisturizer for overnight use, but its richness gives it too much “slip” to use under foundation in the morning.

Lizora promotes the Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream as minimalist skincare, but its design, as well as the price, prove that claim misleading. The amount of product in the tin is small, and I’m not certain it will last an entire month, especially if used twice a day. Due to the lack of preservatives, the cream has a short shelf life of just 30 days, and at $49 ($41.65 if you enroll in the refill program), it works out to almost $600 and 12 or more tins a year for one skincare product. Lizora’s cream also contains beeswax, so it’s not vegan, either.

I haven’t yet reached the end of my first jar, and I’ll continue using it until I run out. I’m not certain I’ll re-order, but I do find this cream to be a lovely luxury item. It makes an excellent gift for a bride-to-be, new mom, or as a splurge for yourself.

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