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Green Beauty Review: Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream

Review: Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream

There are several reasons why I’m such a fan of Kahina Giving Beauty. First, the packaging is gorgeous, simple and classy, in heavy, black glass bottles fit for display. It has a rich, earthy smell that grows on you, fast.

Then, there’s the Fair Trade element. Kahina’s ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, with certified natural formulations that incorporate organic materials whenever possible. The packaging is recycled, and the women extracting the argan oil are paid a fair wage for their work. Plus, founder Katharine L’Heureux funds initiatives for the community, liking helping girls continue to go to school.

I was excited to try the new night cream, which has just launched. To enrich my review, I also asked my French roommate to try it. Because you know French women take their skin care seriously. Florence likes having clean ingredients–as soon as she arrived from Paris, she started asking where she could find non-toxic products that wouldn’t be harsh on her skin, like Dr. Hauschka. So I figured she would help me more accurately assess this new product.

The Kahina Night Cream comes in the classic black glass packaging, in a small pot. It contains, along with argan oil, grape extract to inhibit inflammation while stimulating collagen production. The cream is a cream-colored, fluffy mousse that smells divine. For a few days, I massaged it into my face after washing for a relaxing ritual that was enhanced by its smell. It’s moisturizing, but not too heavy, so that I feel comfortable laying my head down on the pillow right afterward. My skin drank it up.

Florence reported that she liked the smell and the way her skin looked and felt the next morning, but she found it a bit, “difficult to spread” on her face. She was also disappointed in its performance when she came back inside from the cold with windburn, saying it didn’t soothe her at all.  “I think this cream is not for sensitive skin,” she said. “When you are in New York and it’s fucking winter, it’s not enough.”

Update: Florence emerged from the shower a few days later and started asking about the day cream. She wants it. “When it’s not so cold, I really do see the results on my skin. I don’t see any of my pores.” We have a convert.

I did some digging into the ingredients, but found no ingredients of concern–there are a lot of organic ingredients and extracts, including aloe, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, lavender, and of course, argan oil.

My conclusion: Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream is excellent for someone with normal or combination skin as a night cream, but is not suited for someone with sensitive skin or extreme outdoor temperatures.

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