I’m a fan of Jane Iredale. I recommend this makeup company to anyone who wants the performance and color palette of conventional makeup, but without the toxins. And isn’t it so sweet of Jane Iredale to position her new skincare line, which includes Skin Accumax, this way?

It’s not actually skincare she says, because there are so many great skincare lines out there that she wouldn’t want to compete with. Instead, it’s “BeautyPrep,” meant to get your face up to its best self before you put on the finishing touches of Jane Iredale makeup.

They gave me the whole line of BeautyPrep to try,* including the Face Cleanser, Face Toner, Face Moisturizer, Balance Hydration Spray – all ECOCERT certified, the highest designation for sustainable and non-toxic beauty products – and Skin Accumax. This was a lot to incorporate into my beauty routine! But I’m quite organized, and have my tricks for making sure I smoothly switch in new products. The Face Cleanser went into my bathroom cabinet, where I would use it before getting ready to go out at night. The Skin Accumax, a supplement regimen, went on my kitchen counter where I couldn’t ignore it. The rest went on my vanity with the rest of my makeup. Then I started testing.


The BeautyPrep Face Cleanser is a no-rinse cleansing water with oat amino acids, micellar water, and cucumber extracts in liposome form. (Liposomes are sort of like nano-sized liquid balloons or bubbles holding another type of liquid inside. Used in medicinal applications to more effectively deliver drugs into our systems, the beauty industry has adopted them to more effectively deliver beauty ingredients to the skin. Allure says the are not more effective at delivering ingredients into the skin, since the membrane breaks once they hit it, but LiveStrong says they do the job effectively of delivering ingredients to the outside of the skin, and then sealing in moisture and protecting the skin by the adherence of the broken membranes.) Jane Iredale bills it as ideal for removing makeup and environmental pollutants, cleansing, hydrating, and smoothing the skin. Plus, antioxidants and vitamins help reduce free radical damage. I didn’t get to use this as much as I hoped, because the instructions said to rinse, which made it more annoying to incorporate into my routine. But once I realized that you can choose whether to rinse it or not, I moved it back over to my vanity for a neatly packaged beauty routine. It did indeed leave my skin feeling fresh and clean.

The BeautyPrep Face Toner, with organic botanical liposomes, lemongrass, apple, pear, carrot, and coconut water, is purported to refine pores, moisturize, balance your pH, and restore the surface of the skin. I would use the easy pump to put it on a reusable cotton round as a second step after cleansing with the JI cleanser.

The BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer contains four different organic rose stem cell extracts (white rose, damask rose, rosehips, and pale rose) to support natural cell regeneration and the skin barrier, restore suppleness, tighten pores, rebuild the moisture barrier, plus purify, calm, brighten, and smooth the skin. I know that moisturizing your skin is incredibly important before you put on makeup. I’ve been told so by a makeup artist friend, and also have happily submitted myself to an extensive face massage with moisturizer when getting my makeup professionally done for a shoot. So can’t argue with this step!

Next I would put on my regular mineral makeup, and spritz myself with the Hydration Spray. It’s built around ylang ylang to help hydrate and plump skin cells, calm and protect the skin, plus set mineral for a long lasting, smooth finish. You can also use it to wet brushes and turn eyeshadow into eyeliner. It smells heavenly! After that, I would finish with my cat eye eyeliner, and my RMS luminizer.

I have to say, after going through all these steps, I felt gorgeous. Was it the placebo effect that made me feel so glow-y, fresh, and pretty? I don’t think so, because my fiancé and friend spontaneously complimented me as well. I would absolutely recommend this regimen for looking like your best, healthy, pretty self.

My only (small) quibble is with the packaging. It’s plastic, yes, but a lot of natural beauty products are plastic. But it’s also just not very attractive, and I don’t particularly like having it out on my vanity. All of Jane Iredale’s products tend to look like they belong on your mom’s bathroom counter, which is too bad, since they’re so good!

But I also have to review the The little white pills look like any other supplement, and are supposed to treat acne and improve the health of the skin from the inside out, with a formula that combines Vitamins A and C with a highly-active phytonutrient found in broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. (It has no artificial colorings, flavorings or wheat.) Your skin is supposed to start clearing of redness and irritation as early as ten to 12 weeks after starting the daily regimen.  In general, they recommend taking four capsules per day until results are seen, then reducing to two pills a day, but the expert who looked at my skin at the launch party said I could do with just one pill a day, since my skin is fairly healthy – which was a relief, because each pill costs about a dollar! So I did, and I gave myself way more than 10 weeks to see results. (I was just procrastinating on writing this post, honestly.)

In the meantime, I forgot exactly what the pills were supposed to do, and in my mind, thought they would take care of my laugh lines or just make me look generally healthier. On that front, I examined my face closely, and didn’t notice a difference. Meanwhile, I was pleased with what I thought was the completely unconnected fact that I hadn’t broken out in a really long time. I was often swiping on eyeliner and mascara, and walking out the door without putting on any mineral makeup at all. It was only when I sat down to write this review that I made the connection. Oh! This stuff works! I’m going to keep taking it, and then continue to buy myself refills. I’m not letting this stuff leave my life.

In Conclusion

Jane Iredale’s new skincare line is very much worth the investment, to give you an authentic, healthy glow. I absolutely recommend it.

*For free