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Green Beauty Review: Humankind Apothecary

review Humankind apothecary

Humankind Apothecary, a new natural skincare line based in the Hudson Valley, was born out of necessity. Founders Andrew Spitaleri and Olivier Solanet began their quest for cleaner products that were free of toxic ingredients after Spitaleri dealt with severe allergies for years. Consulting with Solanet’s family of French pharmacists, the pair studied homeopathy and herbalism before creating their new line of soothing skin products.

For review, I was sent the entire DIY Face Kit from Humankind Apothecary and I sampled the products over the last month. The brand is committed to using natural, plant-based ingredients, drawing inspiration from French pharmacies and apothecaries that continue the tradition of homeopathy to this day. This attention to detail is directly reflected in the beautiful product designs of Humankind Apothecary’s products, which come in delicate glass jars perfect for displaying on your bathroom counter.

The DIY Face Kit allows consumers to mix their own products with a brush in a lovely mixing bowl before applying the masks and scrubs to your face. This is not something I would normally take the time to do each evening, but it’s a very nice step in a relaxing weekly ritual. Humankind Apothecary features a variety of exfoliating powder scrubs and dry mask powders that can be mixed with a choice of hydrosols, or simply water, yogurt, or honey, to create your own personal formulation.

Three of the products in the line truly stood out and I used them repeatedly over the trial period.┬áSince my skin is easily irritated, I chose the DIY Milk Protein Brightening Mask, formulated with white clay and parsley seed, to try initially. I was surprised by how soothing and brightening it was, and I enjoyed using it with great results over the last few weeks. After cleansing, I applied the Radiant Face Serum with niaouli and ylang-ylang each evening and was excited to discover its moisturizing properties. This serum is quite thick and could easily replace your regular moisturizer during the warm summer months. For more exfoliation, I used the Clarifying Detox Mask with activated charcoal and tea tree oil. This is an extremely gentle mask and I was able to wear it for 15 minutes without any irritation at all. I’m often fearful of masks, but this experience convinced me to try them more often.

After sampling many of Humankind Apothecary’s products, I’m thrilled with their attention to natural ingredients and their belief in customizing your experience to make it suitable for your skin’s essential needs. The line is priced to be affordable, and the items range from $6 to $60, which includes men’s skincare and a bath and body line, as well.

Humankind Apothecary’s products are gentle and luxurious, so you can add them to your existing skincare routine without fear of irritation. The wide variety of masks and scrubs, as well as toners and hydrosols, allows you to experiment and create your own personal regimen of natural, plant-based products.

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