Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Green Beauty Review: Flynn & King Lunar 13 Restorative Oil Elixir


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As someone with oily skin, I once shied away from serums and found them unnecessary. But my skin has changed dramatically in my 30s, and it now seems to crave extra moisture, especially overnight. When Flynn & King offered me the chance to try their Lunar 13 Restorative Oil Elixir, I was excited to test it out through the changing fall weather, which leaves my skin drier than normal.

Flynn & King is a natural skin care line based in Brooklyn that focuses on small batches and transparency. Established in 2014, the brand began out of necessity, when co-founder Corina McDonald sought natural ingredients to treat her sensitive skin. Working with Summer Dinh Manske, the pair established Flynn & King and focused on their motto, “Do Good. Look Great.” Educating customers about non-toxic ingredients is a large part of Flynn & King’s mission, and Summer and Corina also collaborate with organizations to give back to their community.

The Lunar 13 Restorative Oil Elixir is one of the brand’s newest products and demonstrates Flynn & King’s dedication to natural, organic, and sustainable concepts. Made with thirteen botanical oils including Rosehip, Squalane, Argan, and Marula, this elixir is designed to calm and repair sensitive and dry skin. With so many wonderful ingredients, it’s slightly heavier than many serums and can be worn alone or layered under moisturizer both day and night. I prefer to use it as part of my nightly routine, adding it before my nighttime moisturizer.

Since it contains some fragrant oils, there is a noticeable scent, though it dissipates quickly and doesn’t irritate my skin. In fact, it reminds me very much of a trip I took one summer years ago, when I visited my sister in Birmingham, England. The scent is familiar and comforting, and I love applying it at the end of a long day. Often, I’ll dispense two drops (only one is necessary) and massage a bit of the elixir into my hands and arms. It’s a lovely, nourishing serum with wonderful ingredients that are beneficial to many different skin issues.

Flynn & King generously included a gift for me, so I also got to try their Balance Facial Toner with Aloe and Rose Geranium. I’m cautious with toners after a severe reaction to one, but as with the Lunar 13 Elixir, Balance is calming and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Once applied, you can layer the elixir directly on top and the toner aids in absorption. It also has a light scent that is perfect for spritzing on your wrist during the day.

Flynn & King is a great option for natural, small-batch skin care designed for sensitive skin. I enjoyed using the Lunar 13 Elixir and the Balance Facial Toner and am looking forward to trying more products in the line.


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