New Brooklyn-made skincare brand Flynn & King is killing it

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Pardon me for being shallow, but I like my skin clear, and I like my beauty products to come in pretty packaging. And on that count, new Brooklyn-based company Flynn & King is tops.

With its subtle geometric background and gold script, Flynn & King wants to be displayed in your pretty bathroom. The packaging is also either recyclable or refillable, an important consideration for eco gals. But I guess I should talk about what’s inside too, shouldn’t I?

All of Flynn & King’s ingredients are natural, organic, sustainable, or wild crafted. They include such exotic and interesting ingredients as beeswax from upstate New York, argan oil, kukui oil from Hawaii, meadowfoam seed oil, squalane sourced from olives (not sharks!), black pepper oil, basil oil, oat flour, activated charcoal, palmarosa from Nepal, matcha green tea, organic rose petals from France, Rhassoul clay from Morocco, and so many more. When they can, they buy only unrefined and un-deodorized ingredients, which ensures the most pure and impactful formulations.

The two founders, Summer Dinh Manske and and Corina McDonnell, hand-make the products in small batches to maximize freshness and effectiveness without the use of chemicals, cheap fillers, or preservatives. Each item has a batch date as well, so you can ensure freshness.

They have everything you need and nothing more for a simple skincare regimen: face cleanser, toner, buffing clay, dry body oil, soaps, multipurpose balm, and all the travel sizes of the aforementioned products.

Flynn & King sent me several products to try*: the Revive Oil-Based Cleanser with Argan and Rosehip Seed Oils, the Balance Facial Toner with Aloe & Rose Geranium, the Buff Exfoliant & Mask with Cleansing Clays and Coconut Water, the Poppy Exfoliating Soap, and the Recover Balm in Orange Lavender, which comes in a chapstick tube, but can be applied to dry hands or other dry spots.

I’ve been testing these products for an extra long time, because I was too busy putting up holiday and New Year’s posts to get around to reviewing them right away. So I can say with the ultimate confidence that these products are lovely!

After using the products nightly and in the shower for six weeks, my skin is calm and clear. They all smell delicious, but not too strong. The oil cleanser actually feels creamy, and doesn’t strip the skin. The toner is refreshing. The pink buffing clay can either be rubbed in and rinsed, or left on for several minutes as a mask. I opted to use it in the shower once a week for a gentle exfoliation. I used the Poppy exfoliating soap to shave since it is recommended for legs and feet, and in that regard it worked well. (I’m moving away from pure coconut oil, because it gunks up my razor.) And the balm is perfect for shoving in a going-out purse for both lips and hands.

I will say they did not send me a moisturizing product to cap my nightly regimen, so I used a moisturizing oil from another company. But I think the Lunar restorative oil is the thing to use there.

For a brand new company, I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of their formulations, the packaging, and the fact that I’m seeing it pop up in many of my favorite stores. Go Summer and Corina! You have a new fan.

I would get your next skincare regimen from Flynn & King (or try the sample sizes to be sure!), if for no other reason than so you can say you knew them before they blew up.

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*For free.