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Green Beauty Review: Caru Is Now Apoterra and It’s Blissing Me Out


EDIT_IMG_0479I was the proud first reviewer of Caru back in 2013. I fell in love with the Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt soap, which helped to clear up my breakouts. I still have some in my bathroom today.

Well, since then founder and certified herbalist Dominique Caron has dramatically expanded the line, and rebranded it as Apoterra, which means, “from the earth.”

All of Apoterra’s ingredients are non-toxic and often sourced from small farms, distilleries, and cooperatives. And Caron has taken it one step further – each product has a batch number, and you can look it up on the website to see where each ingredient came from. For example, my Rose Hydrating Toner was in batch 28, which was made on September 21, according to the website. While the label tells you which ingredients are organic, the website gives me the additional information that the rock rose hydrosol came from France, the frankincense hydrosol came from the USA, and the rooibos tea came from Africa and is certified fair trade and kosher. The dates of manufacture are right on the label as well, which is nice for the purposes of being able to tell when to let go of a product, especially a natural one without all the chemical preservatives.

For testing, I got the toner, Rose Nourishing Serum, and Night Regenerating Balm, which I combined the Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt soap I already had. The rose products are for dry/matureskin, and claim to have collagen-boosting and deeply hydrating ingredients. They have a concentrated and ultra-rich scent that reminds me of a high-end antique shop: luxurious and traditional. My fiancé noticed the smell when he kissed me, but said it was pleasant. Using the whole line at night was an immersive experience of rich scent and texture, well-suited for deep winter when you don’t want to leave the apartment and instead want to curl up with a book in bed.

I also received the Tulsi Scrub with Lavender and Sea Salt, but it wasn’t my favorite. The large salt grains are actually kind of sharp and I felt scratched up instead of scrubbed after using it.

If I were to buy Apoterra for myself, I think I would go for the acne line instead. (I’m not taking it personally that I was sent the mature line.) But I certainly have no opposition to using the rest of the rose products up as we head into the dryest and darkest days of winter. I think they would also make a nice gift for one of the wise women in your life, like your mom or aunt.

Overall, Apoterra is obviously crafted with care and with the best ingredients right here in New York. It stands out from a crowded field, as it did when I first reviewed it, ad would make a lovely addition to your beauty routine.

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