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Green Beauty Review: Bottega Organica Gives You Scientifically Proven Anti-Aging From Organic Ingredients

This skincare company is not only organic and sustainable, it’s also built around scientific findings on anti-aging, something that can be rare in the natural beauty world.

Dr. Andrea Alimonti is one of Bottega Organica’s founders and a world-renowned geneticist. During his research on cancer, he identified several Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS) – natural substances with the potential of slowing the aging of human cells. Out of these findings came the skincare company Bottega Organica, which combines these these ingredients with 100% organic extra-virgin olive oil, pure spring water, and organic, oil-free serum to create a pure and effective skincare line.

I received five Bottega Organic products to try*: the Body Contour Formula with peppermint and chili pepper, the Face Balance with tulsi (which I often drink as tea) and vetiver, the Hand Regenerate with lavender and English marigold, the Eye Illuminate with horse chestnut and cucumber, and the Detox and Purify Herbal Tea with verbena. There are so many more on the site, it can actually be a little overwhelming! I should say that when I test anti-aging products, I do so just to report back on the smell, feel, and whether my skin had an adverse reaction. Each product (except for the tea) has a subtly different herbal smell, all with an earthy base of olive oil. The creams have the consistency and color of whipped butter, thick and creamy, going on smooth and absorbing quickly into my skin, leaving it moisturized but not oily after a couple minutes. The tea was definitely an herbal tea – if you like healthy herbal teas, you’ll enjoy it. If you like your teas flavored and sweet, you probably won’t.

I really can’t tell you whether or not the products will slow the aging process on my face. (Check back in 10 years?) For that, you’ll have to trust the science. Luckily, the science is there. The products were clinically tested by a team of independent investigators under the direction of Massimiliano Ferri MD, a specialist in cosmetic surgery at the University Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy. The clinical trial results showed objective and subjective improvement in wrinkle burden, skin glow, skin texture and elasticity in more than 90% of tested patients. Plus, Bottega Organica has a Scientific Advisory Board, whose members have trained and worked as clinicians and researchers in US medical schools, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Cornell University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and The University of Texas.

Bottega Organica review

All ingredients are harvested and processed naturally in Bottega Organic’s farms in Italy and upstate New York. They use extra-virgin, organic olive oil from their Ligurian farm as the base for the products because it is the single most effective natural carrier for the anti-aging plant extracts. It contains powerful youth-preserving ingredients such as alpha-tocopherol, polyphenols and oleocanthal.

Bottega Organica also runs Angelhill Farm, in Spencertown Hills of Columbia County, New York. This 80-acre farm is naturally rich in vital anti-aging plants, including wild carrots, sage, coneflower, and yarrow. All plants are wildcrafted or organically grown and then processed in accordance with 100% natural and traditional methods directly onsite, in the farm’s apothecary.

Bottega Organica has no preservatives, fragrances, dyes or petroleum derivatives. The skincare oils, serums, soaps and mists are 100% vegan and thoroughly tested under strict safety parameters with no animal testing. All paper packaging is recycled, plant-derived and printed with vegetable ink. Finally, minimum of 10% of all profits will be donated to organizations involved in cancer cure and prevention.

*I got these free to try. 


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