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Green Beauty Review: Arya Essentials Does Ayurvedic Beauty

by Archana Paladugu

Having lived in India for most of my life, I use ayurvedic ingredients  in my daily routine. Ayurveda is an ancient school of holistic medicine from India. My great-grandfather was a ayurvedic doctor in the 1920’s, and my family believes in plant based cures for most ailments.

Traditionally, the products are administered by an expert after you answer a few questions about your body type and state of your health. In today’s day and age, it’s hard to classify people into the predefined body types, so we are beginning to see one-size-fits-all products made from the high impact ingredients.

I was excited to receive a set of products from Arya Essentials, a company that prides itself in using paraben free, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients based on the principles of ayurveda.

Arya Anti-Aging Face Oil

I have been using luxury face oils for the last two years and have my favorite cult products. I opened this bottle with a fair share of skepticism. “It’s $95,” I thought, “It better impress me.” The use of Amla and Brahmi oils help to boost collagen production, prevent aging and reduce visible signs of wrinkles, while Tulsi which is abundant in antioxidants, is supposed to impart a healthy glow. The consistency of the oil is tad heavier than the others I have tried, but it sinks in fast. The rose hip oil gives a healthy glow when applied. I have used it for a month and I am really happy with it. I have normal, healthy skin and it did not give me any breakouts. Of course, I am not expecting it to do miracles or transform my skin, but to keep it healthy and nourished. I gave myself weekly facial massages with this oil and it has the right amount of drag for the purpose. It is cheaper than the one I was using prior and I would definitely repurchase this oil. It comes in fully recyclable packaging with a glass bottle with a dropper –  a plus.

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