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Green Beauty Review: Antonin .B Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum

B. Antonim beauty review

A sleek little black bottle of Antonin .B Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum arrived in a package from Paris, with a handwritten note that read: “Bonjour! I hope the serum brings you satisfaction.”

I love the use of the word satisfaction, which speaks to a beauty that is more than skin deep. It conjures joy and confidence, instead of the more superficial concept of beauty that most brands appeal to. It nods to substance in accord with style. Which pretty aptly describes the Antonin .B ethos:

“We create cosmetic solutions that are efficient, ethical, professional, 100% nature derived and certified organic, so we can help you care for your hair consciously.”

Sounds great, but how does the product work?

Ceramides are lipids that are responsible for keeping your hair cuticle intact. These naturally-occurring oils can be depleted by chemical treatments, pollutants, heat styling and even washing. The Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum uses organic vegetable oils rich in ceramides to reinforce damaged hair, which the company’s claims will restore moisture while enhancing strength and shine.

Sign me up. My hair is rather fine, and thanks to a few highlights and the general idea that a spritz of sea salt spray and “scrunching” counts as daily styling, my locks are pretty dry, damaged and frizzy. Evidence:

Before frizzy hair

The first time I tried the serum I applied three drops of the the oil to the ends of my hair after the shower and let it air dry. It smells absolutely amazing, thanks to essential oils of ylang-ylang, geranium, lemon, and lime peel. However, as I am used to a squeaky-clean post shampoo texture, my hair felt a little oily and the serum separated my hair into tendrils that I’m not altogether convinced is a great look for me.

In order to give it a fair trial I decided to go big with a deep conditioning treatment. This consists of a dropper full of the oil applied down the lengths, focused at the ends. I pinned my hair into a bun for the night and then shampooed as normal in the AM.

It had been recommended to me that this product is great for heat styling, so I got out the old blow dryer and round brush and after using three more drops of the oil on my towel-dried hair, I gave myself a blow-out and absolutely loved the results. My hair was sleek and shiny without frizz, and without a stiffness I normally associate with using mousse before heat styling. It felt soft and silky without any heaviness. See the difference:

After Antonin .B

While the serum may be heavy for fine locks, I would recommend this product in particular to anyone with damaged, dry hair, and for those who regularly use heat for styling. Antonin .B Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum offers an ethical and environmentally-sound without sacrificing great results.

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