Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Green Beauty Review: Acure Organics Gave Me That Summer Glow

Skin Assessment: Part of my job as a nurse is to perform this daily on my patients to identify any skin deficiencies and ensure their largest organ is intact and free from harm.

And I do the same for myself! It’s my body’s armor; so it’s imperative I treat my own skin with the same love and protection it’s shown me. First things first, I’ll only use non-toxic, safe personal care products.

The Environmental Working (EWG) Group’s Skin Deep database is my go-to resource for the latest evidence-based research on the safety of all cosmetic products. If you can’t find a product there, you can submit it to their website and they will begin the research process. Acure Organics brand ranks overall low (1-3/10) on their hazard score. Their new line of products is so new, it hasn’t been researched yet, but I felt comfortable enough to try them based on their previous credibility.

I tested Acure Organics’ newest skincare line for three weeks, and I noticed an improvement in the texture and moisture of my skin. More importantly, I’m starting to develop summer’s invaluable treasure: a healthy glow.

I’ll break down my review by product, too:

Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub

The scent of the tropics wafted from the magenta-colored scrub dispensed from a soft #4 recyclable plastic tube. I’m pretty sure the jojoba beads embedded into Moroccan red clay aided in the development of my softer cheeks. I enjoyed interchanging this product with my daily cleanser – it offered a contrasting approach in both weight, texture, and result.

Pore Minimizing Red Clay Mask

Supplementing this twice-a-week for 15 minutes before bed instead of the scrub, was rejuvenating. It has the same tropical fragrance as the scrub, and was light – I didn’t have to cake it on my face. Plus, unlike other masks, I don’t feel like a piece of crumbling pottery when I go to wash it off.

Quick Fix

Sadly, I’ve developed some crow’s feet and bags under the eyes. But the Quick Fix minimized that droopy bag look! It really was a quick, thin application that didn’t leave a greasy residue or make me feel like I had sticky glue under or around my eyes. It exuded a bright, warm lemon scent. I believe this product has been a key to that aforementioned summer’s glow, without taking away from the natural tone of my skin.

Cleansing Towelettes

I’m not a huge fan of towelettes, even though these are marketed as biodegradable. My hesitancy lies in the fact that I’m not totally sure where to dispose of them. I did, however, appreciate keeping with the tropical theme and giving my face a quick wash with a coconut and argan oil-rich towelette. My face felt moisturized after use and it eliminated all of my makeup…yes, even waterproof mascara!


Acure Organics new scrub and clay mask coupled with their quick fix have made me smile more when I look into the mirror. My skin feels refreshed, more moisturized, free from the impurities that lingered a few weeks ago, and I am happy to report a clear skin assessment.


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