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Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Green Beauty Newbies Will Obsess Over Decovo


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At this point, I’m pretty well versed in the beauty scene. I’m always going to trade shows and beauty events, reading natural and conventional magazines alike looking for brands, and getting pitched even more. And yet, when I looked at the new online retailer Decovo’s site, there were a bunch of enticing, modern, clean brands I hadn’t heard of before!

There was Ænon’s Of the Sea Marine Bath Soak, which has a fresh and uplifting scent and left my skin feeling silky soft. Kani Botanicals Black Sea Dead Sea Salt Scrub is vegan and organic, and as rich as chocolate cake. I freaked out when I first used it, because the activated charcoal seemed to stain my skin, but a quick swipe of organic soap took it off, and I felt so soft and detoxified afterward. I was especially interested in Lilfox Prickly Pear Beauty Nectar, because prickly pear has vitamin K in it, which is good for addressing broken capillaries, which I have in spades on my poor nose. It smells like summer, and goes on light, leaving my inflammation soothed, and my skin moisturized and ready to hit the pillow.

“We feature a lot of up-and-coming brands that you may not have heard of before,” Decovo co-founder Alison Cies says. “A lot of our customers didn’t know where to start with green beauty. And they found us, and it’s through us that they could discover other brands.”

But Decovo isn’t limited to just beauty. They also carry accessories, art, jewelry, and home decor, making it a one-stop shopping destination. “There is a movement around doing things more sustainably and naturally, both for your home and body,” Cies says. “The logical thing is when you clear out your shelf and make room for natural beauty products, you start looking around the rest of your home.” Because it’s weird to have all these wonderful organic things in your bathroom, but not the rest of your home, right?

Decovo was started four months ago by wife-and-husband team (see what I did there?) Alison Cies and Henry Mori, two tech people from San Francisco who wanted to use their knowledge to making sustainable shopping easier. “Both my parents are artists; I grew up in the Hudson Valley in New York,” Cies says, “in a household where they made ceramics. I was always surrounded by a lot of locally made, small batch products, whether it was the things they were making, or something they got at a trade show. We realized that there is a really need to create a destination online to make these goods more accessible to people,” Cies says. “It’s difficult and overwhelming to find products that are sustainable, ethically produced, non-toxic, natural. We realized that we had the background to create it, and we figured now is the time to do it. I quit my job at Facebook to start Decovo with Henry.”

Over 90% of the brands and artisans on Decovo are women-owned or co-owned, so when you shop on there, you are supporting female entrepreneurs.

Finally, Decovo has a 30-day return policy for open and gently used products. You don’t have to break out in hives, or find that it’s gone rancid to return it. Just if it’s not right for you, send it back. With green beauty products being on the pricey end, that’s a huge relief. Especially for those new to the scene, who might not trust chemical-free items to get the job done.

“We’ve done that because we feel like it’s often overwhelming when you’re making that switch to green beauty. I certainly was hesitant, wondering if these products would be as effective. We want to make sure our customers feel comfortable enough trying these products.”

I absolutely love how holistic Decovo is: it has all the things, a sustainable component, and a feminist component. I think I know where I’m getting my stocking stuffers from this year…

Use code ECOCULT15 for 15% off from now until November 20th.

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