Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Giveaway: The Soma for Eco-Friendly and Attractive Water Filtering

{Giveaway alert! Scroll to the bottom to see how you can get your hands on a free SOMA.}

SOMA water filter

A few months ago I stopped by Willa Kammerer‘s uptown studio, and like a good hostess, she asked me if I would like a drink of water. She poured me a glass from her Soma* water filter, which she waxed on about for a good ten minutes. Lauren from Trash Is for Tossers said I just had to get one, too.

I can see why. It’s beautiful enough for the table, with a shatter-resistant glass body. Inside, the filtration systems is made from biodegradable coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing. When I got mine, it was easy to set up. At first my roommates were a little confused by the design. But once I showed them that it pours just like a normal carafe, they were on board. Plus, you don’t have to pry the lid off to refill it, like a Brita. And it fills up fast.

Like I’ve said beforethe latest New York City Drinking Water report indicated that there is no mercury or cadmium in the water, but there is small amounts of copper, and chlorine is added to the water to sterilize it. The water, once it’s filter, actually does have a better, cleaner taste. (Outside of NYC, you can use this widget to see what’s in your water.)

You can start with one SOMA bottle plus a filter for $59, or sign up for a subscription service where every two months you get your next replacement filter. $99 gets you six filters–enough for a year. When the filter is done, you can send it to a commercial composting facility (it’s plant-based but not an actual plant, so no backyard composting). Or if you choose to toss it, know that eventually it will biodegrade under the right circumstances.

{I’m giving away one SOMA water bottle and filter to a lucky reader! To enter to win, comment below and tell me what you currently use to filter your tap water–if you filter it at all! I’ll choose the winner on Tuesday evening.}

*I got a free Soma filter to try. 

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