the-stationHow many times have you shown up at a music festival, equipped with suitable-for-mud shoes, your special outfit (neon for elecronic music, hippie stuff for Coachella et al.) and your reusable water bottle, only to have the security peeps make you pour it out at the entrance.

“Where can I refill it?” you might have asked, worrying about both the planet and your thin wallet. Usually the answer is vague. Like, a couple weekends ago at the polo match, when I was told “There are water fountains, but they’re kind of hard to find … ”

Of course! Why would they provide free water for hoards of people who not only are jumping up and down in the hot sunshine, but probably drinking and eating all sorts of dehydrating substances? Then they might not be able to charge $4, $5, even $7 per precious water bottle!

Not so at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival this weekend. CamelBak will have two giant water stations (that look a lot like beer tents), each with eight spigots gushing delicious NYC water. Check out these figures:

2.52 million: The number of water bottles CamelBak estimates it will save from being purchased and thrown away this weekend.

$32-$56: A rough estimate of how much you would spend if you purchased all the water you needed to stay hydrated during the festival. (That’s eight water bottles I’m estimating you’ll drink over two days.) 

$15: The projected cost of a CamelBak Eddy water bottle, which will be for sale this weekend. An embroidered backpack will also be for sale. Obviously, CamelBak knows their target market, because CamelBacks are genius for music festivals.

FREE: The cost of the CamelBak Eddy water bottle I’m giving away to one lucky reader! Just comment below with the first awesome place or event you’ll bring your new CamelBak water bottle. I’ll choose a winner Wednesday at 7pm. Make sure to put in your real email address in the email field when you comment, or else I’ll have no way to contact you!