Papernomad doodle-able, eco-friendly laptop case

Hey! This is a very old post. You should go check out my new post on electronics, which has eco-friendly laptop, iPad, and iPhone cases. 

After four years, I decided to trade in my laptop for a new one. Unfortunately, it’s only the new MacBook Pros that are made in the U.S.A. But I decided to go with the Air, because I’ll be doing a lot of schlepping and I need something light and super-tiny to put in my backpack. Such is the lifestyle of a blogger. Please don’t hate me.

Serendipitously, right after I brought home my new laptop, I got an offer to try out Papernomad’s laptop case. A Red Dot Design Award winner, Papernomad makes electronic accessories from eco-friendly materials (hemp, wool, paper, and corn-based PLA) that are designed to be doodled on. (It’s like the grown-up version of using white out to write I ♥ ‘N Sync on your Trapper Keeper! Or better, like your laptop case and Moleskine had a baby and raised it on organic food.) My shiny new laptop slips easily into the padded Papernomad laptop case. It has this cool feature–a cloth tab that closes the open end magnetically, and also pops the laptop back out when you pull on it.

But of course, there are many, many eco-friendly laptop cases out there! Let’s do a roundup. Oh, wait …

Have you noticed that everyone has been doing iPad cases lately, and not laptop cases? Look, I know iPads are the coolest thing ever, or whatever, but I still need a laptop, and I still need to take it with me when I travel and when I got to the café to get some work done. After exhaustively searching 30 sustainable websites, these are the options I found:

Dancing Ikat Laptop Case

Fair Trade Ikat laptop case

Don’t do fake Ikat from Urban Outfitters when the real stuff benefits women in Indonesia. This handwoven case is manufactured by Indonesian artisans through membership with the World Fair Trade Organization, retaining the authentic weaving techniques employed by generations. And it comes in three colors.

On sale for $18.40 on

Leather Case/Clutch

Eco-leather laptop case that can double as a clutch

Transforming into an envelope clutch for night, this laptop case from the Amsterdam company O My Bag is made from eco-leather, developed by the Sheong Shi Tannery in Kolkata by revolutionary tanner Patrick Lee. This new standard carefully monitors energy and water management, preserves safe labor conditions, and utilizes minimal transport, so that the leather is produced ecologically and soundly to minimize impact on the planet.

$123 at O My Bag 

Recycled Rubber Laptop Sleeve

Recycled rubber laptop sleeve

Handmade from recycled inner tubes, lined with denim and fairly traded from India, this unisex laptop will last longer than your laptop itself!

$22 at Global Girlfriend

Happy Cow Travel Laptop Case

Sustainable leather laptop case by Happy Cow

Featuring a zip outside pocket, for quick acess to your pens and notes, and an inside sleeve pocket great for keeping cable cords or other electronics, this recycled leather laptop will streamline your traveling scheme. 

$40 from Happy Cow

Striped Baggu Laptop Carrying Case

Baggu laptop case

Made from recycled fleece-lined canvas with velcro, this preppy and classic case will please both guys, gals, and Cape Cod devotees. 

$36 on Rodale’s 

Wetsuit Laptop Sleeve

Laptop case made from recycled wetsuit

This sleeve is made from upcycled wetsuits that are sourced from raft, surf, and dive outfitters for an edgy, California look that will protect your baby, er, I mean computer from dings.

$30 at Green Guru

Kenyan Burlap Case

Burlap laptop sleeve

With a lighter tan burlap outer casing, bright yellow stripes on the inner lining, and hand-embroidered Kenya flag logo, I hardly need to point out that this case features materials purchased locally in Kenya.

$41 on Roozt 

Giveaway Alert!

I’m giving away two Papernomad cases! All you have to do to win is comment below and tell me which one you want: iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or Galaxy S. The giveaway goes until next Wednesday at midnight, and I’ll contact the winners and announce who they are on EcoCult’s Facebook page.