photoIt’s not often I develop such an intimate relationship with a green app. Usually I think it’s a really cool idea and then forget all about it. (Sorry, iRecycle.)

But this app couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’ve been living in my current apartment for six months, and the catalogues are coming in. I made one crucial mistake, and I bet you can guess what it is.

Yup, I ordered from Pottery Barn. In my defense, I ordered organic linens, but I think the amount of dead trees that have come in because of that puts my karma in the negative.

So the magazines come, and they come in droves. Up until a few weeks ago, I would make a point to sit down and call the number on the catalogue to curtly tell the service representative to take me off the list. That is a lot of work. OK, it’s not like it’s a huge chore, but it is annoying. Honestly, would you want to call up every catalogue that comes to your mailbox? I didn’t think so. And they count on that.

And then Paper Karma showed up, and it made my life so much better. All you do is:

1. Open the app.

2. Take a picture of the offending catalogue.

3. Press send.

That’s it! Really, that’s all it takes. So far, I’ve said goodbye to Aerosoles, J. Jill, Frontgate, J. Crew, Spanx, The Container Store, Boston Proper, TravelSmith, Sundance, Soft Surroundings, Touch of Class (WTF are these magazines?) and Home Decorators Collection. PEACE, MAGAZINES.

I’m still waiting for Home Trends, Madewell, Linen Source and Seeds of Change to go through. But that’s a pretty awesome success rate. With any luck, I’ll be free of magazines in about 7.5 years!

In summary: Get this app; it’s immensely satisfying. It’s available for Apple, Android and Windows devices.