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Where to Get Good Coffee in Granada, Nicaragua

A decade ago, you would have had a difficult time finding high quality coffee in Nicaragua. Coffee farmers could make so much more money by exporting it that none of the good stuff stayed in the country. In recent years, however, there has been a growing community of people who want to keep some of their amazing coffee to enjoy themselves — and I don’t blame them one bit! Here are a few places where you can get your hands on some of the good stuff.

Pitaya Bowl: This super cute cafe serves all kinds of fresh bowls with fruit, coconut, cacao, etc. The bright atmosphere with plenty of comfortable furniture and mini-pool makes it a great place to work too!

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Espressonista: Espressonista is the place to go for the best coffee in Granada. The beans at Espressonista are all sourced locally and the owners of the cafe visit the coffee farms regularly to taste the coffees, develop relationships with the farmers, and choose which coffees they will bring back to the cafe. The beans are then freshly roasted using a natural process, one of the owners told me. This is also one of the only cafés that does not have Wi-Fi, so you can really be present and enjoy your cup! They also have a little boutique inside with luxury apparel and accessories. I loved this quiet, hidden gem away from the city’s main strip.

The Garden Cafe: The Garden Café quickly became one of my favorite places in Granada. Their staff is extremely friendly and you are welcome to sit and work or hang out for hours without being made to feel like they want your table emptied. They care deeply about sustainability, quality, and community, and all of their beans are sourced locally from small farms in Nicaragua. They have reliable wi-fi too (which you won’t find in all cafés in Granada).

Cafe de los Sonrisas (Smiles Café): Okay, I can’t actually advocate for the quality of the coffee here… it’s not great. But, Smiles Cafe is worth the visit anyway because it is staffed entirely by individuals who are deaf. You have to either order in sign language or just point to what you want on the menu. When you visit, you’ll also see that they’re attempting to beat the Guinness World Record for the largest hammock made out of recycled plastic bags!

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