Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

We Found the Perfect, Ethical & Eco-Friendly Silk Shirt

This post was originally published on Good On You, a resource and mobile app that helps consumers discover ethical brands.

We’re pretty sure we’ve discovered the perfect silk shirt. Meet The Fable — silk shirts hand-made in India. And when India is involved there’s always a story. When The Fable’s founder Sophie Doyal left her corporate job in Sydney and traveled to India she was expecting far more vinyasas than the fashion-filled adventure her journey would ultimately take her on. After spending some time in the Himalayas at a yoga ashram Sophie visited the desert city of Jaipur, where a chance encounter led her to a textile factory. Sophie kept an excited eye out for something she had always wanted but never been able to find at home – an affordable, luxurious silk shirt. But even half way across the world she was left empty handed.

Frustrated by what she saw as an obvious gap in the market, she decided to take things into her own hands. “I had never been able to find one which combined quality and affordability, so I felt the need to make it myself.”

This was the beginning of The Fable. A timeless, comfortable shirt that transcends seasons. 

The Fable Shirt – Navy Image via @kim_leow

Now, Sophie’s shirts have reached cult status. Fashion bloggers around the world are photographing the shirt folded next to bowls of fresh fruit, paired with comfortable denim as they wander the streets of Paris, or tossed over swimmers as they frolick on a summery beach.

“I wanted to share the provenance of the product,” Sophie explains about the shirt and the meaning behind the name. “Everything is done by hand. From button dye to polka dot print. Tools and artisans bring the product to life with real people and small businesses serving as beneficiaries. I felt it was important to share and celebrate this process as so often we buy clothes with no idea where they have come from or who has made them.”  

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The Fable – Egyptian Sands Shirt Image via @themodejournal

The shirts are made in a family run factory and where Sophie visits several times a year to work alongside the employees. The working conditions are good for Indian standards, with workers receiving almost twice the Indian minimum wage and working limited, fair hours.  Alongside this, The Fable’s silk is 100% biodegradable and hand-dyed with vegetable dyes. The factory also uses energy saving policies to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The most wonderful part has been the experience of living in India,” says Sophie. “On one trip I stayed with the family who run my factory and had a taste of what daily life is like. Breakfast curries, fetching milk from the local cow and motorbike riding through the spice markets – the surprising and unexpected joys of life in India.”

Sewing the shirts
Sophie with local children
Dyeing buttons

The best part? The Fable has partnered with Good On You to help us expand our app to North America. For a limited time only, when you purchase a silk shirt through our crowdfunding campaign, you’ll receive free international shipping, a silk shirt (at RRP). Oh and what about that feeling when you know you’re wearing something with a great story behind it!

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Arctic Silver
Egyptian Sands
Man on the Moon
Rose Quartz
Midnight Black
True White

This post was originally published on Good On You, a resource and mobile app that helps consumers discover ethical brands.


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