ellovi body butter and moisturizer

Once I quit using soap, I stopped ever needing to moisturize my skin.

In the summer, that is.

But now the temperature is cold enough at night to crystalize the air and make the city lights twinkle extra bright and festively (upside), I’m also experiencing dry skin (downside).

Right in time to tackle the post-steamy shower problem, I was sent a jar of Ellovi Butter from Oakland, California to try. From the website:

Ellovi Butter is a raw body butter made from only six pure ingredients grown naturally around the world. What’s really special about Butter is that we don’t add water. That means it’s highly concentrated, can’t evaporate like other moisturizers, and we don’t need preservatives. Butter soaks in deep and moisturizes your skin better from the inside out. Even after washing your hands or bathing, Butter will keep your skin intensely hydrated and nourished for days.

Each glass jar has the fair trade ingredients macadamia nut, coconut, marula nut, hemp seed and chia, for a thick, pure, white cream with a subtle nutty scent. It spreads and rubs easily over your skin, and just a minute later, you have soft, non-greasy skin that makes you perfectly nuzzle-able. Use it on your legs before you put on a skirt and tights. Use it on your face before you head to bed. Use it all over after a hot, salt bath. I’m a fan.

It’s just a shame they don’t make bitty pots for your purse!