Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

How to Spot Fake Secondhand Fashion Scams on Resale Sites

Fake secondhand listings on Poshmark for a white corduroy jacket from Shein

With the ever-growing demand for secondhand fashion online, it’s no surprise that the wave of hyper-fast fashion has weaseled its way into our favorite secondhand shopping apps: Depop and Poshmark. If you’re anything like YouTuber trollfunk, you may have noticed some listings on Depop that feel a little… strange. Maybe you have seen several listings on your favorite resale app that have the same exact photos, or just listings that don’t seem quite right. 

This is because these listings are brand-new items from fast-fashion retailers that are sold under the guise of secondhand fashion, through a practice that is known as drop shipping. 

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