Primavera organic skincare and beauty

Primavera has provided some goodies for attendees of EcoCult’s Launch Party. Find out how you can snag an invite

It’s a poorly-kept secret that buying European beauty products is much safer than buying American brands. The European Union subscribes to a philosophy that ingredients should be proven safe, while ‘Muricans believe that ingredients should only be pulled from the market once they have definitely been shown, beyond a doubt, in several studies, that they cause cancer. (See: Asbestos, parabens, etc.)

I’m always on the lookout for nice skincare and beauty products founded and produced in Europe because of this very fact. (Also, Europeans are obsessed with skincare.) Primavera, a 27-year-old skincare company that only hit the United States in 2011, goes above and beyond.

Primavera offers an extensive line of face, body, wellness and home fragrance products, based on cold-pressed essential oils, seed oils, base oils and plant extracts. It’s the first brand to have its entire range of personal care products certified as natural and organic by NATRUE, the industry’s most stringent global authority. Its in-house research and development team monitors the physical and microbiological properties of all Primavera ingredients from the company’s new state-of-the-art facility in the Alps of Southern Germany, which has a carbon-neutral footprint.

m_logo_primavera1The company’s holistic approach extends to business practices based on social and environmental responsibility. Primavera’s founders have developed long-term, fair-trade partnerships with 18 growers around the world who provide over 125 ingredients (farmed in their natural habitats) and share the company’s high ethical standards. Primavera ingredients and products are never tested on animals, and are conscientiously packaged in recyclable glass bottles and jars with an environmentally-friendly UV protective coating that offers greater shelf stability and reduces the need for secondary packaging.

You might be interested in the Moisturizing Neroli Cassis linefor normal to dry skin, which include multi-purpose facial oil, cream cleanser, toner, intensive see oil capsules, and replenishing cream; Balancing Sage Grape Seed for oily or combination skin with clarifying face scrub, anti-blemish treatment, and oil-control lotion; Calming Chamomile Borage for sensitive skin; Relaxing Lavender Vanilla for dry, sensitive skin, which includes body oils and lotions; Energizing Ginger Lime for normal to dry skin; or Cleansing Juniper Cypress for all skin types. There are a couple lines for mature skin as well, and even some wellness products, like cold therapy products with eucalyptus, and relaxing lavender spray for your linens.

You can find Primavera products online at the Primavera website, or at a variety of spas and stores out West and down South.