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A few months back, I got a pedicure at Sweet Lily Nail Spa using Weleda skin products. They sent me home with some brand new Weleda products to try.*

It was a lot of products to work my way through. But I diligently did so, sharing them with my roommate at the time, Florence. (She helped me review Kahina night cream, too.) And I thought it would be fun to put her on the camera with me, because she:

1. Is so adorably French

2. Likes her products non-toxic

3. Has different hair and skin types than me, for a more comprehensive and widely applicable review

So … ta-da! The first EcoCult vlog. Don’t worry, readers. I won’t be doing those awful “haul” videos or troweling my face with makeup in the name of “contouring.” But I do hope I’ll be putting up more of these videos so you can get to know me a bit better. Please be kinder than the typical YouTube commenter–this is my first self-produced video. (Yes, I know I say “um” too much!)

For your shopping convenience, we reviewed:

Update on the video: You’ll notice that I said I was going to send a couple of the baby products to my sister–she said she started using one on a patch of skin with eczema and it cleared right up.

Let me know what you think of Weleda products in the comments, and also any tips for improving my video blogging game!

*Which means I got them for free.