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EcoCult Beauty Review: 5YINA Skincare by Catherine Harper

I’ve always been intrigued by Chinese medicine, but have never taken the time to truly learn about its principles. When 5YINA Skincare sent me a few of their products to try recently, I was thrilled to learn more about this company, which was founded by two experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ervina Wu and Angela Chau. Ervina and Angela were biology and pre-med students during college, and they have combined their knowledge to create a luxurious line of products suitable for all skin types and concerns.

5YINA is based upon the idea of five seasons found within Traditional Chinese Medicine, and there are five distinct product lines within the brand. You can pick the best products for your skin year-round, or simply change products as your skincare needs change with the seasons. I’m someone who uses different moisturizers in summer and winter, so this idea really appeals to me.

Ervina and Angela are meticulous when it comes to product development, and every item in the brand undergoes extensive, multiple years-long formulation and testing before it is released. Plus, all of 5YINA’s organic herbal extractions are created by the company, rather than purchased from outside suppliers.

I tried products from the Enlighten season, Spring, which is designed for sensitive skin, and included the Spring Beauty Oil and Hydrolat. I also sampled the Divine All Seasons Beauty Balm and the Biocellulose Mask. When I first received my items from 5YINA, I was immediately struck by the beauty of the packaging and the design of the bottles. The beauty oil and hydrolat are contained within gorgeous porcelain bottles that add a touch of luxury to my bathroom counter. The products themselves are spa-like, and using them each morning and evening became a favorite part of my daily routine.

To use the Spring Beauty Oil and Hydrolat, I place one or two drops of oil in my hand and add a spray of the hydrolat to create an emulsion, which I then gently press into my skin as a serum after cleansing. You can also use each item on its own, and the beauty oil is wonderful as a moisturizer, while the hydrolat can be used as a toner or freshener throughout the day. Both products have a very light floral scent that quickly dissipates and does not irritate my skin.

The Divine All Seasons Beauty Balm is the perfect remedy for dry skin, and can be used as a face moisturizer, lip balm, or massaged into dry elbows and knees. It also has a light, refreshing scent, and I sometimes apply it to my wrists as a solid perfume. The Biocellulose Mask is also designed for year-round use and is a wonderful way to moisturize your skin while relaxing in the evening.

I was really excited to sample so many lovely products by 5YINA and the experience was very insightful, too. The company’s mission is impressive and the concept based on Traditional Chinese Medicine is extremely effective. I’d love to try more of 5YINA’s products throughout the seasons.

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