Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Eco Lingerie Review: Ayten Gasson’s Peace Silk Collection

Any conscious shopper knows that finding sustainable and ethical lingerie can be one of the biggest challenges for eco-fashion devotees. While more and more companies are embracing conscious mindsets, finding truly ethical and sustainable lingerie with high production standards is no easy feat. What’s more, though many eco-friendly underwear labels out there feature simple designs for everyday wear, few offer sophisticated, high-end garments that are fit for special occasions.

Enter Ayten Gasson.

Based in Brighton, England, Ayten Gasson is a luxe lingerie label that prides itself in supporting and celebrating the time-honored tradition of lace production in the UK. Her full collection includes elegant silk-and-lace bralettes, underwear, sleepwear, garters, and playful accessories. Last month, we featured the brand in a round-up of our favorite sustainable and ethical lingerie labels.

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As the daughter of a seamstress and granddaughter of textile factory worker, founder Ayten Roberts was motivated by a profound desire to preserve the traditions of the British fashion industry. In 2005, she debuted her own line of lingerie featuring all UK-sourced materials. To this day, she continues to produce all her garments either in-house or in Nottingham and Wales.

The bonus to manufacturing in the UK is we can keep an eye on our entire supply chain,” Ayten says. “Manufacturing our collections in the UK is much more expensive than overseas production units, but I feel we have a better control over the finished product.” 


Though Ayten’s commitment to ethical production has been a trademark of her brand for over a decade, four years ago she also launched a capsule collection of eco lingerie supporting sustainable practices. Most notably, the eco collection features peace silk and organic silk. According to the company’s website, peace silk production differs from conventional silk production because it “allows the silkworms to emerge from the cocoons naturally. Fibres from the damaged cocoon are then spun together forming a silk which has the same luxurious feel as organic silk, with a raw appearance.

Ayten graciously offered to send me a gorgeous black set from her new eco collection to review, which included the Alexia Peace Silk Bralet and Knicker. The set arrived impeccably packaged with recycled tissue paper in a reusable box.

Unlike smooth conventional silks, the cruelty-free silk Ayten uses has the crisp lightness of poplin cotton. The textured material lends the wireless bralette lovely support, shape, and hold. Stunning details like gold hardware and exquisite lace trim (manufactured by the Cluny Lace Company, which also produced lace for the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress) make the luxurious piece one worthy of showing off. While the texture and lace prevent it from being an ideal t-shirt bra, it would work beautifully under sheer blouses, loose dresses, and oversized sweaters. The bralette pairs perfectly with the comfortable bottoms, which feature flattering lace cutouts and a flirty keyhole opening in the back.

Ayten’s fierce commitment to local manufacturing, transparent practices, and cruelty-free production makes her brand one that any conscious consumer should know. But the fact that her pieces are also stunning, comfortable, and accessibly-priced makes the label one that all lovers of luxurious lingerie can appreciate.

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